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Who is Simon Parkes from Bitchute Podcast? Realities to know

Simon Parks is a former British administrator and lawmaker from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, who believes in ethnic outsiders and UFOs. He is well-known for his space-related matters.

The Wikipedia entry for well-known journalist Simon Parkes Bitchute has yet to be added.

Connecting consciousness is the brainchild of Simon Parkes Bitchute. It is an organisation that uses otherworldliness, training, real-world events, and administration to find solutions to global challenges. He is a Labor politician who formerly served as a British councilor in Whitby.

Simon Parkes Bitchute Age and net worth

Simon Parkes org Bitchute’s age is 60 years from 2021.

Bitchute’s identity is British and he is based in London. One can search Parkes’ profile on some Wiki bio pages.

The subtleties of the total assets of Simon Parkes Bitchute are still under audit. Simon rarely discusses his compensation and profit to the media. Bitchute’s political career took off when he joined the UK’s mysterious space radar base. Bitchute received a greeting from the British Ministry of Defense in 2013.

Simon Parkes Bitchute Wife And Family

Simon Parkes Bitchute’s better half is Jacquie Parkes. Jacquie and Simon share three youngsters.

The insights about Parkes’ children are private to ensure their protection.

As indicated by his website, Simon’s family had associations with American and British intelligence. Bitchute referred to his mother working in the British Security Service.

Some Fun Facts About Simon Parkes Bitchute

Bitchute discusses government issues and otherworldliness on his Youtube channel. Simon joined Youtube on April 10, 2018, with 666,000 fans.

Simon is convinced that UFOs and aliens are present. He talks of life outside the universe, outsiders, and elementals and uses odd terms to describe them. He earns a lot of money from his clients for soul study, general meetings, mental healing, and otherworldly connected exercises.

Simon Parkes org, Connecting Consciousness, is active in over 100 countries, with many supporters from coast to coast.

Bitchute was a management educator before disappearing into another realm. He rose to prominence in 2010 when he began discussing his experiences and hypotheses about the outside world and outsiders.

Simon continued with Connecting Consciousness, an association that is FREE to join, committed to raising individuals’ awareness within a spiritual environment. Today the association operates in numerous nations and has many individuals. Associating Consciousness (CC) is a grassroots association where individuals join who realize that the improvement on this planet is not constantly being adjusted for the benefit of mankind.

Furthermore, those global events are placed in various simon parkes connecting consciousness than they are generally presented to, and the forces functioning behind the visible level frequently have a bigger number of elements than are initially apparent.

In Connecting Consciousness, they share profound qualities, the desire to see this planet with all who live in obvious opportunities, play harmony and well-being through a functional work, and bring together knowledge and the work to increase excitement and awareness, guarantee no matter how much light. as might be reasonably expected only from a high repetition

Simon Parkes net worth

Check out Simonparkes org Net worth pay 2021’s most recent recharged report given here. Complete Simon Parkes net worth in 2021 – $ 1 million – $ 5 million (approximately)

Simon Parkes Education

Simon Parkes completed their High School education with Good Degrees. After that, Simon Parkes graduated with a Bahlor degree from the American State College.

Simon Parkes Wikipedia

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The Simon Parkes relationship between them currently remains solid. In Simon Parkes relationship, there are no signs of strife or issues. Simon Parkes has energy and respect for their accomplice that is equal.

Simon Parkes How tall, weight, and body measurement

His Height – 5 feet 8 inches

His Weight – 68 KG

Simon Parkes stays at an incredible length with respectful body estimates. He has a sturdy body weight to match the stature.

Simon Parkes Social Media

He has received a lot of attention from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in recent months, and he has a lot of committed admirers.

Simon grew up in a family with connections to British and American expertise. Simon’s mother work for Mi5, but while she monitor by Mi5, she work for the NSA.

Simons’ granddad was exploited by the Secret Intelligence Service, widely known as Mi6, and answered to the simon parkes connecting consciousness CIA. Simon’s grandfather was a British diplomat who served as Vice-Consul and then Consul of the British Embassy in Pondicherry (Puducherry), India. While in India, his grandfather got the OBE and CBE decorations but declined the Knighthood.

As in every case, there are a lot of extraordinary topics and questions raise here, and Simon consistently channels his Mantis ET family for help addressing questions and comes out to the Akashic records to give incredible answers and lots of things to do here to think!

Simon Parkes Education

Simon Parkes completed their High School education with Good Degree. Thereafter, Simon Parkes graduated with a Bachelor degree from the American State College.

Simon Parkes Wikipedia

We have included all details about Simon Parkes Wikipedia in the full article.


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