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Which rug material is ideal for my home, and how should I use them?


Rugs have been used for many years. They were formerly thought to be a luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy and the royals, but today practically every home has them. A decent carpet or rug may totally alter the mood of a space if it is properly chosen. They may provide colour to a bright but bland environment and make a dimly lit space lively and cosy. They are practical additions that preserve your floors, dampen sound, and provide underfoot cushioning rather than merely decorative items.

Because you might be new to my site, I’m pulling one from the past today. Also, it’s always a good idea to review some home design concepts.

Do you agree that rugs are a crucial component of designing a beautiful house and need a second mention?

Rugs are to our houses what shoes are to a well-dressed ensemble, in my opinion. You wouldn’t choose your nicest clothing for a night out and then wear bare feet, would you? Rugs operate on the same basis. If you want them to, shoes may complement an outfit and, in certain cases, even outshine what you’re wearing. The same is true with rugs. They may drastically alter the way a room feels and appears.

Rugs may either go in with the decor of your area or, as in the stylish living room below, they can stand out by introducing a surprise element.

Rugs come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns and aremanufactured of a variety of materials. Therefore, it makes sense that selecting the ideal rug for a room might be a difficult task.

Hand tufted carpets, which embrace rich history and art, will give your interiors a touch of luxury. These gorgeous hand tufted carpets are striking to look at and are given life by vibrant colour combinations. Additionally, they brag of using beautiful, premium raw materials that feel pleasant underfoot.

These hand tufted carpets, which come in a variety of styles, are unquestionably the best option. 

For every room in your house, Wakefit provides a superb range of rugs and carpets online. We provide lovely living room carpets for all types of living rooms in an interesting potpourri of colours and patterns.

Following is a list of some of the materials used to make carpets:


If you were to research the origins of carpets, you would discover that at first, wool was the only material used to create them. One of the softest types of carpets or Mats are made of wool. Traditionally, they are handwoven, hand loomed, hand knotted, or hand tufted, making them special, delicate, and costly. These carpets may survive for many years if they are maintained properly. Wool carpets may be used in high-traffic areas like the living room or bedroom and are also quite durable. They give spaces a homey feel.

  • Silk:

Silk carpets are as opulent and soft as the cloth. They can be hand-knotted and made of 100% silk or a silk and wool mixture. Silk carpets and flow mats are among the most costly carpets in the world and are frequently thin and plush to the touch. Since they are fragile due to the thin fibre, they should only be utilised in low-traffic places such as formal drawing rooms or bedrooms to lend a glitzy touch.

  • Cotton:

Look no further if you’re searching for a light rug to bring a fresh touch to a space. Like dhurries or kilims, cotton rugs are typically flat-woven, however they can also be braided. You may swap them out frequently depending on the season or your mood because they are affordable. Cotton carpets should be used in rooms with a relaxed atmosphere since they give off a very casual mood.

  • Jute:

These organic carpets, which are made of natural fibers, are ideal for spaces that could use a little texture. These carpets are typically hand-woven by conventional weavers and are quite robust. Additionally, you may utilise them as sizable area rugs and cover them with various varieties.

  • Recycled:

These carpets are constructed from yarn that was spun from recycled plastic and are both strong and environmentally beneficial. These may also be manufactured to see and feel like wool or cotton carpets, just like any other synthetic fiber rug. The majority of recycled plastic rugs are hand-woven and durable, making them perfect for use indoors and even outside as door mats in high-traffic areas. What else? You will be reminded of having contributed in some little way to protecting the environment each time you walk on one of these multipurpose carpets.

  • Synthetic:

These, as the name implies, are made of synthetic materials including nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and viscose. These carpets, which are frequently woven on a machine loom, may be customised with unique forms, colours and patterns, and they are very reasonably priced.

Of course, there are many more reasons why we should have rugs in our homes, so I’ve put together a piece so you can learn about the benefits of covering your floors with rugs.

  • The Ways To Use Them:
  • Connectivity Spaces:

You may harmonise and establish a visual link between the two rooms by placing runners in connecting areas that are the same style or colour. Your eye is pulled from one area to the next as a result, which helps one room flow into the next. Particularly in neutral or austere settings, this works effectively.

  • Add A Feature:

The seating area in this open-plan room has been turned into a showpiece by angling it and piling rugs on top of each other. Therefore, if you’re having trouble finding a rug big enough to cover your seating areas without making it appear like a little fish swimming in the ocean, go with more is more by incorporating the layered effect. It will have a bigger impact than one big rug.

  • Improve Your Design Plan:

Consider other components of your design plan, such as colour, while selecting your rug. Your space will feel and seem more coherent if the rug you select incorporates a component of your decorating style. A well-dressed space must definitely have rugs.

  • Use Pattern To Enhance Character & Personality:

There is no better method to introduce a pattern than through a rug if you want to be daring and use it. Compared to adorning your walls, it’s simpler to live with. When approaching a room, use a pattern below your range of vision to look less obtrusive. Rugs are a wonderful way to add pattern to otherwise bland rooms while also giving your home flair and charm.

  • As Art:

Rugs have evolved into pieces of art in and of themselves, so if you find one that is simply too beautiful to walk on, you might want to think about hanging it on your walls. They are perfect for walls where you might need a little more aid in absorbing sound from adjacent rooms, as well as for adding a visual aspect. For additional information, see How To Add Texture With Decorative Wall Hangings in my blog.



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