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Which is the best site to apply for a job in Kuwait?

The relevance of looking for a job today is not only not decreasing compared to previous decades, but on the contrary, it is getting higher and higher. Some people quit their jobs, others get fired, some want to change jobs for some reason and others just feel the need for change.

Searching for a job by Internet allows you to cut time, to avoid standing in lines and to avoid documents preparation, because you can just find the vacancy of interest and to apply for it or to send your CV by email and to write a letter to the organization, telling you briefly about yourself. And you can do it sitting at your home computer, drinking your favorite green tea. The biggest problem in the Middle East is the problem of employment. It’s a particularly popular problem in Kuwait. Nowadays, people have become very picky when it comes to employment. They want to find a job that’s easy, well-paid and special at the same time. There are a huge number of all kinds of professions in the world.  From the simplest, such as an electrician or a driver, to the rare and unusual, such as an actor or a pilot. In this article we will look at several good job search sites in Kuwait and determine which one is the best.

Each site has its own advantages. Some have information about the employing company, some have little information, and some have more convenient search options. There are sites that focus on jobs in specific industries. Many foreign sites are full of offers from recruitment agencies, through which recruitment is slower. So it is important to find an employer. Well, let’s move on to the websites themselves.


A site with a very user-friendly search engine. Which specializes in finding jobs for people in the Middle East, including Kuwait.

The portal has more than 6,000 registered employers and over 100,000 job vacancies. It is possible to post a CV and discuss employers in a forum with other jobseekers. The main focus of the resource is handyman jobs, which are suitable for everyone. On this site you can sort vacancies by location and salary. The site is free, which is a big plus. Also one of the disadvantages of this site is that employers are not very willing to respond to messages and sometimes even ignore them. It is also possible to set additional search parameters to reduce the number of results, leaving only the best jobs. The website can be accessed from a computer as well as a mobile device through a streamlined interface. Among other things, this site is also very useful for employers.


A multidisciplinary website with a huge number of jobs. Here you can find a job to suit all tastes. You can also find numerous and useful tips on interview rules, many interesting articles on career development and employment law. As in previous cases, all advertisements are strictly moderated in automatic and manual mode, so active spam and “false” vacancies are excluded. Users are very complimentary about the resource, but sometimes complain about the complicated and not entirely understandable interface. In the horizontal menu for easier navigation there is a section with popular categories, and for those who want to find a job with the best conditions, there is a form of advanced search. An interesting detail is that you can study the Labor Code directly on the resource, which will help you solve important issues when negotiating with a likely employer. It is worth noting that the resource establishes and observes quite strict rules for submitting resumes and publishing vacancies, significantly reducing advertisements of dubious content, any repetitions and other spam: a strict automatic filter combined with manual moderation. However, the disadvantage of this site is the lack of a free version.


A social networking site for people from all over the world, particularly Kuwait. The site is good for people from all walks of life, with all sorts of interests. Primarily this site is good for people who want to build a career and are serious about it. It is updated very often, and most importantly it is verified and will definitely be fraud free. You can use this platform not only to find a job, but also to find any contacts, connections and good acquaintances that may come in handy in the future. This site is also ideal for those who are already working in an industry, have some experience and are ready to develop. The site is free. First of all, this platform focuses on quality rather than quantity, so don’t expect to have a huge selection of jobs here. In addition, job seekers have the opportunity to get a list of recruitment agencies, find out about various thematic events and find training, further training or retraining courses. Overall, the site is rightly ranked as one of the best job search sites in Kuwait.


This website is one of the most important resources not only for job searching in Kuwait, but worldwide. To get the most out of the resource, it is recommended that you create an account, enter all your information about yourself, and post your CV and photo. After placing all the data is moderated and employers see a new jobseeker in the database, and then it is close to a job offer. Internal mail and a dialogue box for fast resolution of questions. You can find jobs in any field here and you will definitely be happy. The special feature of the website is that you can find a job not only for a professional, a manager, but also for a handyman or even a student. In addition, the site has an auto-assistant for writing a competent resume. The platform has a good and effective anti-fraud and anti-spam barring system that makes people feel safe.

Also worth noting is the accurate geographical base with a wide and detailed industry group. There are job subscriptions, responses, lots of articles along with the latest human resources news. The site is both paid and free, so is suitable for all groups of people looking for work. In general, there are hardly any disadvantages to the site, except for the intrusive online consultants. Feedback about the portal is mainly positive, and employers are particularly warm about it, providing a wide range of options for finding the right candidate.

So, getting back to the topic of our article, which is the best site to apply for a job in Kuwait? I think that everyone has made up his or her own mind about each site, but based on the facts and feedback regarding each site, it is safe to say that “Indeed” has a slight advantage over each of the above. As it is this platform has all the advantages combined into one of each of the above-mentioned sites.


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