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Which Industries Are Big in Portland?

If you’re moving to the Pacific Northwest, you can’t do much better than Portland. The city of nearly 650,000 people is often rated among the happiest to live in.


It has beautiful scenery, proximity to nature, friendly people, and plenty of affordable Portland houses for sale.


Living there is one thing. Working there, of course, is something completely different, but don’t worry. Depending on your skill and interests, you won’t go without a job in Portland. It’s a hot job market that’s only getting hotter.


Which industries are attracting so many people to move to Portland, Oregon? Check out our list of the top three.


It’s 2022 now, and if a city isn’t sporting a technology sector, it’s missing out on a huge piece of the market. Portland understands this and so calls itself home to nearly 2,000 technology companies.


You haven’t heard of them all; Airship, Cloudability, and CrowdStreet are among them, and they are companies doing amazing things for their customers, not to mention providing a wealth of jobs for Portland residents.


In fact, city dwellers may enroll at the Oregon Institute of Technology and major in a related field if they really want to prepare for a lucrative tech career in Portland!


Healthcare is an industry that’s often a big-time employer for people in major cities across the United States. And the story is no different in Portland, Oregon.


Tens of thousands of people work in Portland’s healthcare jobs. The Oregon Health & Science University Hospital is of course a large employer, but you don’t have to be a nurse or surgeon or private practitioner to be considered a healthcare worker.


There is still plenty of room in the industry for support personnel such as medical admins, medical records techs, and lab techs.


In a city this large, and especially given Portland’s forward-thinking culture, healthcare workers in the city should find themselves well appointed and personally and professionally satisfied in their roles.


If shipping and logistics are more your thing, Portland may just have what you need. The shipping industry is quite impressive in Portland, especially given its presence on the Columbia and Willamette rivers.


Plenty of shipping therefore goes on in Portland, nationally and internationally. Those interested can find work on barges or managing air, sea, or railroad transportation. With just under 200,000 jobs in this industry, shipping is one sector you’ll want to consider upon moving to Portland.


These are among the top industries in the city of Portland. There are plenty of other successful sectors there, of course, such as finance, brand-name clothing, and grocery companies, and you’ll have to decide for yourself what you want to get into.


But know that this is a happy city where people love to live and work. Its industries are large and successful, and the people working there know how lucky they are. It’s time you got a piece of the action! Portland is waiting to welcome you to your new home.



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