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Which courses are required for admission to the MD program?

Getting into medical school involves fulfilling a predetermined set of requirements that varies from school to school. The student’s educational background is one area that can create a lot of confusion due to the complexity of the subject.

The standard medical school requirements do not mandate the students to choose a particular subject for their pre-med majors and welcome people from different backgrounds. However, knowledge in a few related subjects such as biology and chemistry are preferred by medical schools.

So, what are the courses required for admission to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program?

What is the pre-med coursework for admission to the MD program?

These days, medical schools accept students from different educational backgrounds for their MD programs. Students with sociology or a humanities degree are also welcomed to most institutions. The American Association of Medical College has stated on its official website that there are no specific majors preferred by medical schools and it is a misconception that students must have a major in science subjects such as Biology to enter a medical school.

You can get admission to an MD program if you fulfill certain individual requirements listed by medical schools. The standard coursework preferred by the schools are:

  • One academic year of zoology or general biology.
  • One academic year each of inorganic and organic chemistry.

Each of the chemistry courses should have sufficient laboratory practice. One academic year of English is also recommended by most medical schools.

What are the other medical school requirements?

Now that you know the courses required for admission to medical schools, let’s look at some of the other requirements for the MD program.

Undergraduate degree

Although it does not matter what subject you studied, a valid undergraduate degree is a mandatory requirement for admission. You can do your degree in arts, sociology, political science, literature, or any other humanities or science subject. If you fulfill the coursework requirements prescribed by authorities, what counts next is your GPA for the undergraduate course. Getting good scores is important if you wish to apply for an MD program!

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

MCAT examination is mandatory for students who are U.S. citizens and recommended for all others. The exam tests your critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and knowledge in basic science subjects. Applicants whose pre-med coursework is older than five years and those who scored low marks in it must pass the MCAT test to be considered for admission.

English proficiency

English is the medium of instruction in most medical schools. Knowledge of the English language makes it easier for teachers as well as students in communicating well. Medical school applicants who are non-natives of the English language must take a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) as proof of their proficiency.

Fulfilling these educational and language requirements and submitting necessary documents such as transcripts makes you eligible for consideration for an MD program. If you dream of becoming a doctor, ensure that these criteria are met before filling in the application form.


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