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Where to Live in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica is a Californian pearl, which attracts with its long sandy beaches, acres of parks with virgin nature, and high standards of living. These are the main reasons moving to Santa Monica has become a trend.

What is it like to live in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica remains one of the TOP wealthiest places to live not only in California but also generally in the United States. This is a home for many billionaires. This indicates that Santa Monica is a unique, comfortable district with developed infrastructure. What makes it so attractive?

Geographical position. Santa Monica, with its rich neighborhoods, had a winning position. It is placed between Santa Monica Mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on another side. It guarantees perfect sceneries comfortable climate and tells about the good ecological situation of this place.

The district residents also invest in the green economy, switching to alternative energy, reducing the number of transportation, and promoting sustainability.

Economic factors. In recent years Santa Monica and its agglomeration became a home for many tech firms and startups. Many tech giants also opening their regional representatives here. It boosted the job market greatly and increased the demand for housing and public services in the area.If you’re thinking of relocating there, get in touch with the best moving companies in California to ensure your move goes smoothly. 

Urban feel with a touch of nature.

Santa Monica has a well-developed infrastructure, including transportation, hospitals, and schools. Here you can find thousands of restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping spots. But at the same time, the long coastline, spacious parks, and mountain sceneries give a feeling that you are in the lap of nature.

Entertainment. Santa Monica is a great place for both work and leisure. Music lovers will be happy with the number of concert halls and venues. This is California Mekka for people owning small galleries or art shops. 

Education. This place is popular among families with children as a range of public and private schools is impressive. For higher education, Santa Monica College would, with its 90 fields of study, would be a perfect choice. More than that, Santa Monica is a quiet and safe place, with a good atmosphere for children to grow up in. 

Santa Monica Neighborhoods

Choosing the right neighborhood is one of the most crucial questions when deciding where to live in Santa Monica. Each of the eight neighborhoods in the town has its vibe and historical and architectural distinctions. Let’s discover the pros and cons of each. 

Downtown Santa Monica. This choice is evident for people focused on business life who always want to be available for client meetings. By choosing accommodation in Downtown Santa Monica, you don’t need to worry about transport communication, saving the time you could potentially spend in traffic. Here you can easily find all kinds of entertainment, shopping malls, and boutiques. Keep in mind that the area is usually very crowded, and the property price, both business and residential is quite expensive and meets high standards. 

Mid-City West. A great choice for people who have an active lifestyle. An easily accessible neighborhood that has a lot to offer. Mid-City West is a place famous for its eateries and coffeeshops variety. This is a home for broadway shows and different performances, so you don’t get bored here. The residential property here is in the luxury segment, so the offer is limited only by your budget. 

North of Montana. This neighborhood is bordered by Montana Avenue, and this is where its name comes from. If you looking for more spacious housing like ranch or cottage type, this is meant to be your choice, even though the property here ranks as one of the most expensive in California. The district has a long history and can distinguish by its architectural solutions. North of Montana is a very pleasant and safe neighborhood with friendly home vibes. Probably, this is the main reason why families with kids love this place. 

Northeast Santa Monica. This is a residential area with countryside type of housing, many of which come with backyards and swimming pools. Northeast Santa Monica has its own residents association, which signals that this area is a close club, and neighbors can be picky about newcomers. 

Ocean Park. This neighborhood gives a feeling of a town in a town. Located in the southwest, Ocean Park lies along the shore and offers bungalows and condominium housing. Perfect choice for people enrolled in creative industries or tech startups who work remotely. This is a place for dog lovers and active sports people who like to stay away from the crowd. Still here you can find a wide range of restaurants and bars. The only problem, which may arise, is public communication. Therefore, this is not the best choice for people having an onsight job downtown. 

Pico. This is a creative space for craftsmen and art people. The neighborhood has a lot of art galleries and spaces. It surprises with its numerous street artworks and murals. This is the cultural heart of Santa Monica, which stands out with its atmosphere of diversity and freedom to create. The district is well communed by three subway stations and has easy access both to educational establishments, eateries, and the ocean side. 

Sunset Park. Quite and peaceful piece in the easter part of Santa Monica. Almost century-old buildings have charm, which attracts connoisseurs of diversity and liberalism. Many progressive young people choose Sunset Park for living. This is a very green area offering a lot of places to spend time outside. The district hosts a few high-ranked public schools. 

Wilshire Montana. A luxury neighborhood is hidden among palm trees. Wilshire Montana has a very valuable position, lying on the ocean beach but at the same time being easily accessed from the downtown. You need to own a car living in Wilshire Montana, even though the city bus line lies in the area. This area attracts with its breathtaking ocean sunset and good ecological situation. 

Living in Santa Monica is a true Californian dream. This is a haven where people can build careers, and families, grow and develop. But here is a very important ‘but’, you need to make six-figure per year to afford this kind of life. Alternatively, you can find roommates in Santa Monica and make it slightly more affordable.


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