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What Impact has the Recent Pandemic Had on Programmatic Advertising?

The impact of the recent pandemic has been extremely wide-reaching and its disruption will likely be felt among countless industries for years to come.

Many turned to the digital world in an effort to keep their business, their jobs, and their education on track resulting in a huge influx of online traffic effectively changing the face of modern society in the process.

This provided the realm of programmatic advertising with a unique opportunity to reach more customers than ever before and since it looks like a larger reliance on the digital world is going to stick around for the future it’s worth thinking about the ways that this could provide your own brand with benefits.

Here are some of the ways in which programmatic advertising has been affected by the pandemic and how you can navigate the road ahead.

Reaching Customers Through Programmatic Advertising

As more and more consumers turn to the digital world to shop, programmatic advertising has proven to be an effective way of reaching customers and it does not require brands to break the bank in the process.

Programmatic advertising targets customers on channels that they feel comfortable on, or in this case, (thanks in part to the pandemic) channels that they’re most commonly found on a result of necessity.

Working out where to advertise to your customers is the key element to any good programmatic ad campaign, and this can be extremely difficult without the right tools or experience. If you feel like you could be doing more to boost your own visibility online, it’s worth checking out the services of a reliable programmatic advertising company; it could take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Marketing Redirection

A larger online population means more opportunities for brands to maximize their digital marketing budget, an area where contextual and programmatic advertising can truly shine.

Redirecting marketing power to widen the search for customers means exploring new relevant channels. Third-party cookies are also being dropped by Google in 2023 making contextual targeted ads even more important for marketers than ever before.

It’s not just digital programmatic advertising that’s been jumping into the limelight in recent years either, as programmatic TV advertising is still an effective solution, especially with more people spending increased time indoors as a result of the safety concerns caused by the pandemic.

The pandemic demanded a marketing redirection for many brands in the early days, yet the transition is still yielding benefits several years later.

Cheap and Ineffective Ad Space

Despite some areas of opportunity arising, the COVID pandemic caused a huge number of issues to the marketing industry, one of which is the surge of cheap and ineffective ad space.

Programmatic advertising work best when the metric is reliable, and you’re able to analyze all the available data, i.e., how often your ad will be shown, the number of site visitors, etc., and again, these are all factors a great programmatic advertising company will be able to help you out with.

If you want to find out more details about how the supply and demand process works, it’s worth checking out this insightful article on demand side vs supply side advertising; it may be able to help you get a better understanding of what works for your own company.

Suppliers attempting to cash in on the increased rate of internet traffic may be offering poor ad space and a lot of it at a low price. This type of space is best avoided for those wishing to mount a serious campaign that does not jeopardize the brand name.

For example, say your customers got sick of intrusive ad spots when gaming or watching content online; it’s your brand they’ll associate that with. Avoiding this is vital. Otherwise, you risk annoying your would-be customers and developing a bad reputation.

A decent programmatic advertising creative will know how to find some innovative ways around this, including well-timed ad placements and the use of reliable and relevant channels.

Increased Competition

A wider move toward programmatic advertising solutions means more demand, and more demand means more competition for marketers.

Programmatic display advertising thrives when it’s managed properly, and this often means using the right software.

A good programmatic advertising company will likely have a wealth of tools and talents to support an effective campaign, regardless of the platform you’re choosing to operate on.

Programmatic ads are generally a cheaper form of advertising, so companies that seek to cut down on their spending during the pandemic could well turn to it as an effective alternative, driving the market prices in the process.

In many ways, the pandemic has created a new type of consumer, one who has had to adapt to a new digital way of living everyday life.

The many benefits of programmatic advertising can help you reach this modern customer, so it’s certainly worth keeping on your radar if you want to support your brand in today’s tumultuous society.



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