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What Are The Subjects In Communication Design

Communication design is a specialised profession that is concerned with developing of appropriate messaging or information to convey about the product or service to the desired target audience through use of multiple media vehicles like digital, print&electronic. In order to design appropriate communication to build brands& create a favourable impact on the masses resulting in sales, research is conducted to comprehend the consumer behaviour, market realities and gain insights.

Communication Design plays an essential role in different disciplines likegame design, digital & print media, film making, photography, animation, interaction design, 3D artists, motion graphics etc. Furthermore, Communication Design also entails gaining proficiency indifferent technical skills such as typography, colour theory, page layout, application of  graphic designing, animation and multimedia tools etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To pursue this course, the aspirants must have cleared 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized educational board and that too in any discipline.
  • These eligible candidates are allowed to take relevant entrance exams.
  • The students achieving a pre-determined percentile are allowed to appear for the group discussion and interview round. Basis merit in their 12th exams and their performance, students are allowed admission to the Communication Design course.

Skills essential for Communication design course:

Essential skills for Communication Design course are:

  • Excellent artistic skills & aesthetic sense to conceive innovativevisualisation
  • Comfortable in use of computerswith knowledge of different software
  • Communication skills to be able to communicate your point & convince other person
  • Team player
  • Observation skills with attention to detail
  • Networking skills to be able to collaborate with different departments & stakeholders

Communication Design Courses

Communication design curriculum usually must cover the following:

  • The course should offer professional degree and/or diploma that is recognised at national as well as international level, thereby giving students vast growth opportunities
  • The curriculum must inspire aspirants to amalgamate communication with art and technology.
  • The curriculum must mentor students with proficiencies in Sketching, Graphics, Design Process, Sequential Art, Typography, Illustration, Elements of Photo, Video and Animation,Motion Graphics, ImageProcessing, Branding & Identity Design and Narration etc. The students must develop capabilities to be able to perform not only with contemporary digital medium, but also with traditional medium.
  • The course must equip students with ability to employ principles of design to a range of communication challenges across various forms as well as types of media. Furthermore, students should have competencies in research methodologies to gain comprehensive understanding of people in their socio-cultural settings, thereby enabling them to device innovative conceptual approach to problem-solving in addition to developing appropriate strategies leading to development of apt communication products, services, systems, and experiences.
  • The curriculum emphasis on originality and conceptual development. It develops proficiencies enabling students to work with traditional as well as contemporary digital & print media. Students are mentored in analyzing, building and evaluating digital products, services and tools.
  • The Communication Design college must ensure apt exposure so that they gain insights in the varied techniques, production and post-production processes being utilized by professionals to communicate impactful stories.
  • The course must ensure internships and projects so that the students gain exposure in varied industries-Web/mobile app designing, advertising, gaming etc., thereby preparing students to be employed

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