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Top 3 Reasons to Use All-Natural Insect Sprays

One of the seasons that many people look forward to every year is summer. Once the summer months roll in, people can’t wait to go on their long-awaited trip to the beach with friends or travel back home to spend time with the family again. For teenagers, it means doing no more homework during school breaks, catching up on favorite TV shows, going to music festivals, and more. But for many, it’s the time to relax and recharge their minds and bodies on warm, sunny days.

One thing we don’t look forward to is bugs getting active once again. Sales of insect spray for house use go up, especially during summer when the hot weather is the perfect condition for these pests to grow. Although the existence of some pests proves to be beneficial to us, the same cannot be said for the rest. Hence, the use of bug sprays is rampant during this season.

What Is an Insect Spray?

From being a major food source to helping maintain the structure and fertility of the soil, bugs play a significant role in our ecosystem today. However, their tendency to invade our houses, destroy plants, and even cause health problems to humans is enough to make us want to keep them as far away from us and our houses as possible. This is where bug sprays or insect repellents can come in handy as they’re designed to ward off pests and can be sprayed onto the skin, clothing, or surfaces. Inhibiting the capacity of these pests to detect humans helps in preventing the occurrence of insect-borne diseases.

On the other hand, insect sprays designed to kill bugs and prevent them from reproducing are called insecticides and contain active ingredients with neurotoxic effects on both insects and animals. Hence, it’s best to keep humans and animals outside and prepare necessary gear when spraying these.

Is Spraying Insect Repellents Harmful to People and the Environment?

If you’re living in areas infested with infected ticks, mosquitoes, and other vermin, then it’s recommended to use insect sprays at home. In the market today, you will find skin-applied insect repellents that have been approved by or registered with the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA in the United States. This means they’re approved for being safe and pose minimal risk to their health. To avoid improper use, ensure that you’ve read the labels, avoid exposing the eyes, mouth, and ears to the spray, and wash your hands after every spray.

It’s important to also note that available household bug sprays are to be used on insects and floors only. Although its fragrance helps mask the chemical smell, the proper application should always be implemented. It shouldn’t be sprayed around kids, pets, or food. It becomes less harmful when properly handled such as keeping everyone out during the spray and wearing proper gear to keep it off your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Bug Sprays?

Are you worried about the chemicals listed as ingredients in the bug sprays available on the market? While one option is making your bug repellent, it’s good to know there are products that make use of oils and other organic ingredients. You can do your due research online for these products and compare them until you make a decision.

  1. Free from chemicals

If you’re worried about the chemicals in these repellents, then give natural insect sprays a try. Despite harmful chemicals already identified and banned, some still make their way to products because of their effectiveness. And one of which is DEET, commonly used as an ingredient in most insect repellents you see on the market. Absorbed through the skin when sprayed on to ward off insects, it’s harmful to the body’s central nervous system. Hence, finding a spray that’s DEET-free is highly recommended.

  1. It is good for the skin

Tidy houses can still attract insects, which makes it a good idea to have bug spray always available at home. While insect sprays designed for households to kill or keep them away may have chemicals in them, using natural sprays can be beneficial to people with skin issues. Prevent your skin condition from worsening by only applying natural products that are free from harmful substances.

  1. Safe for kids, pregnant women, and everyone

Whether the product will be applied onto the skin or sprayed around the house, it’s a must to make sure it’s safe to use around kids, pregnant women, and in general, everybody. Using natural repellents prevents exposure to harmful chemicals and gives everyone the peace of mind that it won’t cause health problems to people as well as pets.

Key Takeaways

It’s understandable to be worried about the effects of insect sprays designed to keep bugs away from people and households. However, there are plenty of products in the market today that are formulated using natural ingredients. When shopping around, ensure that you read the labels to check out the ingredients as well as do your research online to gain ample knowledge on the best insect sprays to use.


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