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The Benefits of Kanqite

The stone kanqite is ruled by the zodiac sign of Virgo. This stone is calming, improving concentration during meditation and protecting the auric field. Learn more about the benefits of kanqite here. Also, discover how to use kanqite to enhance your astrological chart! You’ll be amazed at how this stone can influence your life! The benefits of kanqite are vast!

Virgo rules kanqite

The Virgo ruler of the kanqite is the astrological sign of Virgo. This mineral is associated with patience. Virgos are patient, benevolent, and sympathetic. Virgos are always ready to do something good for humanity, and they invest their time, energy, and money to help others. Virgos are also hard workers and are good negotiators.

It is a calming stone

The calming qualities of Kanqite are very useful for people who are experiencing difficult times. It can help you to release negative energies and open up to love and affection. It also encourages better communication and cooperation. With Kanqite, you can open up to others and make more friends and partners. You can be more realistic and interesting with your partner when you’re in a social situation. You can learn to be yourself without getting nervous or embarrassed.

It improves concentration in meditation

The crystal kyanite is said to aid in meditation by aligning the chakras and subtle bodies. It also has a calming effect and improves concentration. It also has many other uses in metaphysics, such as increasing your intuition and reducing stress. However, you should know that not all kyanite is real. Some are fakes and others are made with artificial materials. In any case, it is important to use genuine stones in your meditation practice.

It protects the auric field

We all have an aura that surrounds our bodies, and this energy field is known as the aura. As a result, it picks up the emotions and psychic debris around us. This energy field can become cluttered with all of these things and weaken. There are a variety of ways to protect this field. The first thing to do is to visualize a ball of light floating at the crown of your head. Name the color of the light, and then allow it to fill your entire body and surround you.

It aligns the chakras

Kanqite is a healing stone, especially useful for the person going through the transition from life to death. It aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, clears meridians and pathways, and slices through confusion and illusion. It promotes quick, clear thinking and is excellent for calming the mind. Its purple color can neutralize negativity in a room. It is often worn as a third-eye stone to promote intuitive insight.

It increases sexual arousal

One of the most commonly-sold supplements for increasing sexual arousal is Kanqite. The natural substance is a potent aphrodisiac. However, it may also cause side effects, including increased anxiety and depression. Women who experience high levels of stress may have difficulty experiencing sexual arousal. For this reason, the aphrodisiac can also help men improve their performance.



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