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Step-by-step Guide To Create An Animated NFT Art

In this technological age, animators can grab various opportunities to build their careers and grow in the industry. People are getting huge profits by selling animated NFTs on the blockchain. If you want to create animated NFTs, keep reading this blog.

You can create a digital masterpiece or an animated character, sell them as your NFT, start making a digital footprint, and promote your creations. Use NFT animations and monetize them to increase your income.

Here in this blog, we will guide you on how you can create animated NFT art.

What is NFT?

“Non-Fungible Token” or an NFT is a digital asset representing digital creations such as pictures, tweets, videos, and music. It is a cryptocurrency type created by incorporating the similar programming code we use in Ethereum or Bitcoin.

The difference is that these NFTs cannot be exchanged for the same product. You can save your digital creations, including MP3, MP4, JPEGs, and GIFs, and use them as your crypto art.

What Is Crypto Art?

It is a digital art that comes under NFTs. In the crypto art industry, people do their transactions through NFTs, which helps validate the art’s ownership and authenticity. NFT allocate the digital creation of an ID number that proves the authenticity of the art when you buy, sell or do any transaction. NFTs have changed the transaction process for people.

How to make animated NFTs?

It can be challenging to Buy, create and sell NFTs. It is due to the risks involved in the trading process because there are various unclear fees people have to pay. Sometimes people bear the financial loss, but many earn well from it.

You can use NFT animation videos, which many people use to increase their earnings. You might be thinking about the video animation price; you can get your animated video from $10,000 to $15,000. If you want to step into cryptocurrency and NFTs, we will guide you step by step on how you can create animated NFTs.

How to choose the right NFT platform?

Firstly, you need to choose the cryptocurrency and NFT platform to start trading your digital creations. There are many NFT platforms you can choose from, such as Rarible, Nifty Gateway, NFT Stars, and OpenSea.

Various NFT platforms serve a specific niche, such as YellowHeart is a platform for music lovers, and NBA Top Shot is used for NBA highlight collectibles. I suggest you start from Rarible as it is easy and simple to use.

Check out different platforms and increase your knowledge to get hands-on experience that will help you choose the right platform. If you want to create NFTS on these platforms, they will charge a fee through the cryptocurrency of Ether. However, remember that Ether’s value fluctuates frequently.

Create a Digital Wallet 

You can purchase ETH or Ether by creating a “digital wallet” and linking it to your preferred NFT platform to perform your transactions. MetaMask and Binance wallet are widely used digital wallets. You can use them in an app and browser. Most users prefer to use these NFT wallets for creators and collectors.

People also use the extension on their computers. If you want to purchase a digital wallet, you need to install the software and allow seed phrase. You can access your digital wallet with a seed phrase comprising 12 to 24 words. People pay through debit cards or Apple pay to deposit money in their ETH, digital wallet. You can buy or trade NFTs through ETH.

However, various platforms have slightly different guidelines, but most of them allow users to attach their wallets with an app or by installing the extension in the browser.

Upload your Animated Digital Creation

The third phase is to post your NFT on your chosen platform and register your NFT animations. Various NFT platforms may have different rules for creating or uploading NFT. Usually, on platforms, you can upload your animated NFTs in a PNG, WBP, GIF, MP3 or MP4, TXT, and within the 30MB size file.

When you upload your NFT, set your pricing and the NFT animations title in your description and other essential details. You can also mention the percentage of royalties you want for resales of your NFT in the future.

Market your Animated NFT

Now you need to market your digital art and expect Ethereum. You can use various techniques to market your NFT. When you upload an NFT on a platform, it allows anyone to bid on it. People promote their listing on groups, online communities dedicated to crypto communities or NFT platforms, or you can use social media networks.

Why creating an animation NFT is a viable option?

Most people are making Animation NFT and selling it as crypto art. However, you need to consider many things before opting for this option. Usually, people use animated videos because people love these videos. You can take your animation business to new heights by building a relationship with clients. Moreover, you can earn royalties on the resale of your animated videos.

In contrast, there are some disadvantages like many people being inexperienced with the technological marketplace, some severe effects on the environment, users needing to pay gas fees, and doubts about storing digital assets and videos.

If you want to sell NFTs, choose the right NFT platform, use a digital wallet, and link it to your desired platform. This way, you can upload your animated NFTs. NFT platform mint the NFT animations and register them as crypto art. It allows you to market your animated NFTs on social networks and other digital platforms.

In a Nutshell

In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the use of NFT animation. NFTs have revolutionized the digital world. Nowadays, people create NFT animations in pictures and videos and sell them as NFTs on various platforms.

However, you need patience as a cryptocurrency, or any new technology requires effort and time. It will indeed open doors for various opportunities that come with it. It is essential to create visually engaging animated videos to sell them as NFTs.

You can also connect with an animation agency to create animated NFT videos. I recommend you outsource your project to BuzzFlick as it is an experienced 2D animation company.

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Animated NFT art has become pretty famous these days. This article guides you in creating top-notch Animated NFT art.



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