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Ranpose – A Review

A clear blue base forms the base of Ran’s statue. It is relatively narrow but large enough to hold her tail. It is also slightly curved to accommodate her large and heavy tail. This explains the odd shape of her base. However, a more elaborate base could support a fanciful statue of her, but for now, the basic design of the statue is still very attractive. Here are some of the other details that make Ranpose stand out from the rest of her collection:

Yung partner of Mo-tak

Mo-tak is the strongest Counter in the group, and has a complicated backstory. Seven years ago, he was a police officer who fell from a building during an altercation with a mob. During this incident, his partner’s spirit possessed his body and he lost all his memories. The only thing left of his past was an old name card. This incident leads to his reincarnation as a Counter, and his ability to heal people is the key to saving the world.

When Counters defeat the evil spirits, they will see their Yung territory activated. These pillars of light are inhibiting deceased spirits, but some of them work with active Counters. Each Counter has a Yung partner. The Counters’ Yung partners will be revealed at the end of the episode. This will make it easy to see which spirits are working with which Counter. If Mo-tak is the Counter with Yung partner, then his partner will be the Yung partner of Mo-tak.

Yung partner Jeong-gu was introduced in the episode “Counters”. His Yung partner, Yung, disappears when his enemy’s evil spirit kills him. This leaves Mo-tak struggling to find a new comatose human. He is drawn to a disabled high school boy named So Mun. So Mun notices strange changes to his body and eventually starts seeing Wi-gen in dreams.

Hyuk-woo’s grudge against Woong-min

Hyuk-woo is an aspiring lawyer who is possessed by a Level 3 evil spirit. He is naturally flirtatious and prone to murder. His lust for women makes him an easy target. The gangster and mayor of Jungjin, Shin Myung-hwi, is also an antagonist. His older brother, Chang-kyu, is a popular student in the school who is also a former gangster.

In addition to his petty grudge against Woong-min, Hyuk-woo is also a member of a wealthy elite society before he joined the team. He knows that he will need to use extreme measures in order to win, even if it hurts him. Sang-woo is the type of person who makes calculated decisions based on the chances of survival.

While his anger towards Woong-min is understandable, his grudge against Hyuk-woo is unnecessary. His scheming is motivated by jealousy, and he has to deal with the aftermath of his own actions. While he is not a perfect person, he cares deeply for Soo Kyung. This connection between them is understated, but powerful. Hyuk-woo’s grudge against Woong-min is a constant reminder of the events of his childhood.

Jun-kyu’s grudge against Mun

Jun-kyu, a high-school student who is pursuing a career in art, has a grudge against Mun. He feels slighted by the young artist, and it is because of this that he has become obsessed with vengeance. In the aftermath of this incident, he is determined to prove his innocence. To this end, he fights off the attackers and eventually succeeds in doing so. However, his anger towards Mun is uncontrollable. The grudge grows, and he becomes increasingly desperate to protect his friend from the evil spirit.

The grudge begins when a former student of Jun-kyu kills his friend Jeong-yeong before he even meets Mo-tak. His killer is also a former policeman, and the crime is a big one for the two men. However, the Counters are not easily discouraged. After getting permission from Yung, they close their noodle shop and face off with Chung-sin and the mayor’s cronies.

After the fight, the two men realize their mistakes and take revenge on each other. They owe it to each other to settle this grudge once and for all. Jun-kyu then decides to make amends for his actions. The vengeance against Mun is a bitter one, and his mother’s disapproval of his actions was a major source of hurt. In spite of the rumors, Jun-kyu was able to accomplish his goal.



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