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Pedestrian Accidents: What You Should Know

Pedestrian accidents are extremely common and thousands of people in the United States alone lose their lives because of this. Tens of thousands end up with severe injuries and they are not aware of their rights and what they can do after they have been injured. Here, we are going to tell you what you should know about pedestrian accidents and we will give you more information on how firms like the Bojat Law Group can help you out.

Most common circumstances

There are a lot of reasons why pedestrian accidents happen and now we are going to talk about some of the most common causes full stock the number one reason why they occur is because of reckless drivers. This can include driving under influence and most of the cases involve a driver that was distracted by something else including their smartphones.

A big reason why they happen is because of bad weather and in some cases, the person walking can sleep and fall or the view of the driver may be obstructed because of the rain or clouds. As a pedestrian, if you need to leave your home when the weather is bad make sure that you either turn your phone’s flashlight on or that you wear bright clothes.

Poor visibility and left turns are some of the other causes of these accidents. If you are coming on the left side of a crosswalk of a driver come on make sure you are extra careful even if you have the right of way.

What to do if you were in an accident?

As a pedestrian, if you were in an accident, you should know that you can seek compensation. Firms like the Bojat Law Group can help you with the lawsuit and they can make sure that you receive compensation. Some of the things that you can be compensated for include all the medical bills that you have paid, the treatment after the accident, the physical therapy that you had to go through, as well as any lost income because of your time off of work.

If you ever get in an accident, make sure that you reach out to the Bojat Law Group and get yourself an experienced lawyer that is going to help you throughout the whole process. Having the right team next to you in scenarios like this is crucial if you to be able to seek the compensation you deserve and if you want to win your case.

Can you be held liable?

Finally, let’s see if the pedestrian can be held liable for the accident. Even though those who are working usually have the right of way this is not always true. In some cases, if the person walking came out of nowhere and jumped in front of the moving vehicle, they can be held liable. The same goes if the person tried to cross where they were not allowed to or if they were walking somewhere that is designated for vehicles and bicycles.

If you ever get in an accident, make sure that you hire a firm like the Bojat Law Group that can help you with your case and that can make sure that you get all the compensation you deserve.



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