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Necromancers are often seen as dark evil users of magic. But what if there was a different side to them? What if they used their powers for good? In my Necromancer class novel I explore the idea of a necromancer who uses her powers to help people. She uses her ability to communicate with the dead to help solve crimes and bring closure to families. She is able to see things that others can’t and she is able to help people in ways that no one else can. If you’re interested in exploring the idea of a good necromancer then this blog post is for you.

What is a necromancer?

In fantasy fiction a necromancer is a magician who can raise the dead, control the unread and use black magic. Necromancers are often portrayed as evil villains, but they can also be heroic or even neutral characters.

Necromancy is an ancient practice that dates back to at least the time of the Babylonians. It was later adopted by the Greeks and Romans and it has been practiced in various forms all over the world. Necromancy has been associated with evil since medieval times when it was believed that necromancers could summon demons and other dark forces.

Today, necromancy is still sometimes used in fiction as a way to create suspense or horror. However, it can also be used for more positive purposes, such as bringing loved ones back from the dead or communicating with the dead.

What powers do necromancers have?

In my Necromancer class novel necromancers have a wide range of abilities at their disposal. They can raise the dead control the minds of the living and tap into the dark forces of the universe to gain power. Necromancers can also create powerful artifacts and cursed items which can be used to further their goals. Necromancers are a dangerous and feared group, and with good reason. With their powers they can cause great destruction or bring forth terrible unread hordes. Necromancers must be cautious with their power however as it is easy to become corrupted by the dark forces they deal with.

How to become a necromancer

To become a necromancer one must first understand the dark arts. Necromancers are experts in communicating with and manipulating the dead. They use their knowledge to raise the read control the unread and summon dark spirits.

Necromancers must be able to tap into their own dark side in order to harness the power of death. This means they must be willing to make sacrifices, both physical and emotional. They must also be comfortable with embracing darkness and chaos.

The path to becoming a necromancer is not an easy one. It requires dedication and discipline. But for those who are willing to put in the work the rewards are great. With their power over life and death necromancers can achieve true greatness.

The different types of necromancers

There are different types of necromancers each with their own unique abilities. The most common type is the traditional necromancer who uses dark magic to raise the dead and control them. They are often able to summon powerful creatures from the underworld and can use their powers to drain the life force from living creatures.

Another type of necromancer is the death knight. These warriors have mastered the art of using necromancy to strengthen their own bodies and weapons. They can also create unread minions to do their bidding and are often proficient in both melee and magical combat.

The last type of necromancer is the like. These evil wizards have achieved immortality by sacrificing their souls to dark forces. They are incredibly powerful spell casters able to command vast armies of unread creatures. They are also able to cast powerful curses that can kill or enslave those who cross them.

Necromancer novels

The necromancer class novel is a type of dark fantasy or horror fiction in which the protagonist is a necromancer someone who practices the dark arts of necromancy. Necromancers are often depicted as evil villains using their powers to raise the dead and command them to do their bidding. However, there are also stories in which the necromancer is the hero using their powers for good.

Necromancy is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and appears in many different cultures. In some stories the necromancer is a powerful sorcerer who has mastered the art of raising the dead. In others the necromancer is a priest or shaman who communes with the spirits of the dead. There are also tales in which the necromancer is an ordinary person who has stumbled upon a dark secret that gives them the power to control the dead.

No matter what form they take necromancers are always fascinating characters. If you’re looking for a good necromancer story check out some of these novels:

The Chronicles of Blood and Stone by Elric Kane

Necropolis by Michael Scott

The Necromancer by Clive Barker

The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin


I absolutely loved writing my necromancer class novel. It was so much fun creating a dark and brooding world for my characters to inhabit and I loved watching them grow and change as the story progressed. If you’re thinking of writing a novel I highly recommend giving the necromancer class a try¬† you won’t be disappointed!


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