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Mopoga: The Smart Way To Clean Your Floors

mopoga is a new and innovative way to clean your floors. With its unique design, mopoga allows you to clean your floors with ease and without having to bend over. The ergonomic handle ensures that you can grip the mop tightly and maneuver it easily. The built-in sponge also makes sure that your floors are left sparkling clean.

An Introduction to Mopoga

Mopoga is a simple and easy-to-use floor-cleaning device that makes cleaning your floors more comfortable. With Mopoga, you can clean your floor without having to bend over just by opening it up, squeezing the mop head, and go! Plus, there are no straps or complicated assembly instructions. Because of its unique design, Mopoga ensures that your floors are left sparkling clean

The Design of Mopoga

The design of the mop consists of a large handle that is much easier to grip and maneuver than most traditional mops. It also has a built-in sponge that ensures that your floors are left sparkling clean. The sponge quickly plugs into the handle, so you can remove it when the job is done and attach it to its own three compartment drawer inside the bucket. With Mopoga’s simple design, no matter how big or small your room is, you can make your floors look as good as new in just minutes!

Benefits of Mopogas

1) Day-to-day, it’s much easier to clean those hard-to-reach corners on the floor. With the Mopoga, you can reach under furniture and clean all of your belongings while they are sitting in place. 2) Mopogas have been shown to decrease back pains by up to 36%. 3) The Mopoga doesn’t just work with one type of floor! Because we have a unique design, you can use it with wood, laminate and tile floors.

Why is Mopoga So Great?

Mopoga is light and compact so you can take it anywhere. Cleaning tasks are made easier with the non-slip rubber feet and adjustable handle. The sponge is built in which makes cleaning your floors effortless. You’ll never have to worry about finding your sponge, or any extras for that matter since you don’t need anything other than the mop.

How to Use Mopoga

You can use mopoga by simply squeezing the trigger and squeezing the clean water onto your floor. You can also use a sponge to scrub stubborn marks if needed. In order turn off your cleaner, you will need to pull back on the trigger until the water flow stops and release.


Mopoga is a one-click-clean. The design of this mop means you don’t have to bend over and clean your floor thoroughly, making cleaning faster and less tiring. It also has a sponge built in so your floors will be left clean every time you use it. With the innovative design will make sure that cleaning your floor is quick, easy and effective.



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