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Medical Cannabis and Chemotherapy: Potential Benefits and Precautions

Chemotherapy is arguably one of the most uncomfortable and painful treatments a patient can go through. Cancer patients experience some of the most unimaginable side effects that are extremely difficult to cope with and are considered unbearable by many. While traditional medicine can help some patients relieve some of these unwanted effects of chemotherapy, they are in no way sufficient. As a result, many patients look for additional supplements to help them feel better. In recent years, medical cannabis is emerging as a viable supplement for patients going through chemotherapy. In addition, patients often turn to organic CBD hemp capsules, which can have many benefits in their recovery process.


What is medical cannabis?

CBD (cannabidiol) capsules are a form of consuming medical cannabis. While marijuana contains enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to produce the ‘high’ sensation, CBD does not. Consuming CBD capsules enables you to experience the benefits of consuming cannabis without exposing yourself to the unwanted effects of THC. CBD capsules generally contain little to no amounts of THC. The maximum permitted THC level in CBD capsules is only 0.3%, so you never need to worry about consuming THC if you do not want to.

Can You Use Medical Cannabis During Chemo?

There is some excellent evidence that supports the idea that CBD can help reduce the growth of tumors in animals that suffer from cancer. Consuming CBD can also potentially increase how your body reacts to other medication and directly enhance the potency of certain medicines used to treat cancer. There are numerous benefits of consuming CBD that include cancer prevention, cancer treatment, and management of the side effects of chemotherapy. As you will see below, the various benefits of using CBD are pronounced, but this is a relatively new field of study. Due to the sensitive nature of the disease and its treatment, you should consult with a doctor before consuming any CBD products. This consultation will ensure that you are well prepared for the effects of potential changes. It will also ensure that the CBD products you wish to consume do not interfere negatively with your medication.

What Are the Benefits of Using Medical Cannabis During Chemo?


A 2019 analysis of in vivo and in vitro studies that primarily focus on pancreatic cancer noted that CBD could aid in slowing tumor growth. CBD can also induce the death of tumor cells, and it can reduce tumor invasion. Albeit a precise model for using CBD during chemotherapy has not been formulated yet, researchers are working on it. Another 2019 study noted that CBD could make cancer cells more sensitive to radiation effects administered during chemotherapy. CBD can have these effects without harming any healthy cells. Consuming CBD may also lead to a reduced risk of developing bladder cancer. Additionally, CBD might potentially help reduce the spread of colorectal cancer cells. Patients with breast cancer have also reported similar effects of using CBD.


The claims in no way suggest that CBD could be an alternative for chemotherapy. Currently, the research is limited, and it is too soon to make a definite comment on whether CBD is entirely safe for treating cancer in humans. The positive effects and any potential side effects of using CBD during chemotherapy are not yet apparent, and there is a lot of research currently undergoing. In addition, the dosage and various techniques of administering CBD to maximize the benefits of consuming CBD are also undergoing examination.


Current research suggests that Sunday Scaries CBD may help with neuropathy pain and nausea. CBD can also stimulate appetite, which is beneficial because the loss of appetite is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Many patients have reported that they experience “munchies” universally associated with consuming cannabis after consuming CBD. This craving for food allows them to eat at regular intervals and helps them stabilize their weight. CBD is famous for having anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties, which are overall helpful for anyone going through chemotherapy. CBD gains a lot of its popularity from its effectiveness in treating sleep-related problems. Consuming CBD can positively impact the quality of your sleep, and it can also improve the duration of your sleep. Cancer patients have reported that they often have trouble sleeping, so this is undoubtedly a huge positive. These positive effects are noticeable almost immediately after consuming CBD and can improve the overall quality of life. The benefits you will experience will help you in several ways. You will feel much more comfortable, and you will be able to sustain healthier mental health.




How can you use medical cannabis?


Now that you know about CBD’s various benefits for patients undergoing chemotherapy, you might be curious about how you can consume it. A major drawback of taking marijuana is the most impact is observed by smoking it. Smoking can have severe adverse reactions in certain types of cancer, so most patients are apprehensive about taking that route. In comparison, there are numerous forms through which you can take CBD that does not involve smoking. CBD is available as oils and tinctures, which you can infuse with any drink or food you like. CBD is also available in capsules which you can ingest directly. Alternatively, you can crush up CBD pills and consume them by mixing them with a drink. There are also gummies and candies available in the market, which you can purchase if you are looking for an alternative method of consumption. You can control your dosage and the medium through which you consume CBD, making the experience even better.



While CBD can enable you to experience so many benefits, you should always be careful. Ensure that you know what you are consuming by reading the information provided on the labels of CBD products. Like anything, moderation is vital while using CBD products. Feel free to experiment by incrementally changing the dosage to maximize the benefits of consuming the products. With a serious illness like cancer and an acute treatment like chemotherapy, it is of the utmost importance to be transparent with your doctor. You should consult your doctor before consuming any CBD products, and you should seek advice about dosage. It would be best to make a firm assessment, considering all the factors associated with your illness and the treatment before consuming any CBD products.



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