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MBA in HR vs MBA in Operations: Getting the best value in a high-tech industry


Human Resources (HR) are the heart and soul of all organizations, no matter what processes they are dealing with. With an MBA in HR, you will work in the sector of recruitment, where the decisions made affect both the short and long-term goals of the organization. It’s a highly demanding role and requires a professional to have hands-on experience working in real-life situations.

No doubt an MBA in HR is one of the most sought-after degrees even today. The ubiquitous requirement of HR professionals means that there will always be a demand for them in the market. On top of that, if you do your degree from a top college, success will be guaranteed for you in the modern job market.

MBA in Operations

On the other hand, MBA in Operations is another degree course covering a core area in management. It is perhaps one of the most complex specializations in the field and involves learning across multiple sectors. The domain deals with the complete operational aspects of business management and it’s huge in scope.

In fact, in recent times, various sub-specializations have emerged, such as MBA in Logistics and MBA in Supply Chain Management, which was initially part of MBA in Operations. The specific nature of business demands has caused these courses to emerge independently as stand-alone specializations. It also points to how vast the field of operations has become.

Key areas to keep in mind

Before choosing either of the courses, you need to be familiar with the practicalities of what comes each. For instance, MBA in HR not only means a separate domain, but it requires a certain acumen. For HR professionals, there is a huge stress on Sociology and Psychology, combined with a street-smart approach to dealing with people.

You need to be really good at handling, interacting, and assessing individuals, if you want to succeed in HR.

On the other hand, MBA in Operations involves solving complex problems in supply, demand, distribution, allotment, and control. You need to have a thorough understanding of the nature of problems and come up with effective ways of solving them.

Operations costs are usually high for all companies, and the fundamental task of a manager is how to reduce them, such that the profit margins go up. Thus, in many cases, working in operations means you have to be at the project location and coordinate work.

Top colleges in 2021

  • Top 3 colleges for MBA in HR


  1. SAGE University, Indore: SAGE University is one of the best private B-schools in Madhya Pradesh. They have an excellent faculty for MBA in HR and provide a hands-on learning experience through internships, workshops, and talks by industry experts. Their placement records are excellent and top MNCs compete every year to hire from this institute.


  1. Amity University, Noida: Amity is a top University offering courses of all kinds that are best in class in the country. They have excellent faculty and top-notch infrastructure which makes the learning experience in MBA in HR holistic. Amity has 11 campuses across India and terrific industry connections, which reflects in their placement records.


  1. Chandigarh University, Chandigarh: The status of CU as a top college in India is well established by now. With a sprawling campus and excellent infrastructure, it is the place to be for getting a professional degree. They have a global approach to education, and all their courses are in line with international standards.


  • Top 3 colleges for MBA in Operations


  1. KIIT Bhubaneswar: KIIT Bhubneshwar is a highly-reputed technical college in Eastern India that has one of the best placement records in the country. Doing an MBA in Operations from KIIT means that you will be on the radar of top companies right after graduation. Their focus on industry orientation, where students are taught real-life situations, makes them highly suited for professional education in general.


  1. Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar: The name of Lovely Professional University is familiar to all today. Yet what is not known is the high standards in professional education that they are setting each year. Along with MBA in Operations, they have a wide array of professional courses that are top-notch.
  2. NIET, Noida: In the NCR region, NIET is one of the most reputed names when it comes to management education. Their exclusive focus on learning during the industrial revolution 4.0 means that they are totally up to date with the trends in the industry. Given their location, it is common sense that the college is a hotspot for placement in the companies that operate in the NCR region.


In short, both MBA in HR and MBA in Operations are top-class degrees that have high value in the job market. But the fact that nearly all B-school are offering them makes the right choice of institute a difficult proposition. However, with care, attention, and effort you can get into a college that will leave no stones unturned to make the most of your potential. Remember to get quality industry exposure during the course, as that can clear a lot of hurdles in your path to success.



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