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Is hospitality & tourism a meaningful career?

The tourism and hospitality industry has been thriving and growing at a rapid pace since the global pandemic came to a halt. With people finding time to rewind and have fun, the scope and growth of tourism and hospitality have widened to include innovative prospects. 

Tourism and hospitality management employs thousands of people around the world and generates revenue that supports a country’s economy. Besides, working in this industry gives you exposure and provides a sense of satisfaction, unlike many other sectors.

Is working in the tourism and hospitality sector meaningful? What are the career prospects in this industry? Let’s find out.

Nature of work in the tourism and hospitality industry

For those who do not wish to be confined to fixed working hours in an office room, a career in tourism and hospitality does the trick. The nature of the industry is flexible in itself and offers its workforce also the same privilege. The timings and space are often aligned with the needs of the client in most circumstances. 

As an employee in the tourism and hospitality sector, you get chances to travel and explore the world. The exposure you receive, the networks and connections you build, and the communication skills you develop help in your career growth. It also helps in your personal and professional development as interacting with different people from different cultures widens your worldview and opinions on matters. 

The very nature of the work and the environment you are employed in makes a career in the tourism and hospitality industry meaningful. With flexible working hours, lucrative salaries, travel opportunities, and networking possibilities, a career in this industry are worth living for.

Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality

From serving as the head of a hotel chain to guiding tourists on a travel adventure, the career opportunities in tourism and hospitality are vast and diverse. Let’s look at some of the popular prospects in the industry.

  • Tour manager

A tour manager is responsible for organising the different segments of a tour and customising it according to client preferences. You must oversee all the parts of a tour such as food, accommodation, travel, activities, and so on. Coordinating with various people associated with these segments and ensuring that everything is properly managed and executed is the duty of a tour manager.

  • Hotel operations manager

As a hotel operations manager, you must supervise all the operations and administrative functions in a hotel. You have to prepare the budget, hire necessary resources, plan marketing strategies and ensure that the working principles of the hotel bring in profit and recognition.

  • Event coordinator

An event coordinator has to shoulder the responsibility of organising any event to perfection. You must coordinate various departments such as food, decoration, travel and stage arrangements, etc. for a function. 

The career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry are lucrative and provide you with chances to grow and even step into entrepreneurship. All you need is the right educational qualification which can be attained with a degree in tourism and hospitality management.


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