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How You Can Get The Warzone Stadium Access Code

Season 5 accompanies many bolted entryways and keypads, yet the main one is the Warzone stadium code.

We should discuss the CoD: Warzone Stadium code? Prior to the Warzone’s Season 5 update, the Stadium was only a futile construction in the guide that players would parachute on to camp. Presently it’s anything but a functioning space with a completely highlighted stadium with plunder stuffed pavillions, Infinity Ward felt free to shroud a mysterious fortification in there as well.

The Stadium shelter isn’t care for the wide range of various Warzone fortifications. Tearing it open is significantly more intricate. On top of making it to the shelter alive, plunder trackers will likewise have to find distinctive entryway codes that supplant each match. Complete the whole task and you’ll get yourself the Enigma Warzone outline.


Head into a solitary stadium dugout is a certain something: Getting into a few in a solitary match is an entirely different situation. This is the thing that you’ll need to would on the off chance that you like to get into the swinging doors with a keypad close to it on the high level of the stadium and get the special and magnificent prizes held inside.

Thus, in each standard keycard room—subtleties on the best way to get into those can be found further down this page—is a PC that gives you a Warzone stadium code that replaces the codes each match, a progression of images, and numbers. As YouTuber Geeky Pastimes portrays in the video beneath, when you have the primary code, you need to record it and open another keycard entryway to pack in the vast majority of the unused numbers. This should give you everything except one of the numbers you need, so you would then be able to go to the swinging doors on the chief level and begin attempting.

Look at the video over that shows what’s inside the room, there are spoilers on the off chance that you need to work it out for yourself don’t watch the video. Thus, while the notorious fortification 11 featured a nuke inside—apparently a clue to the following game in the arrangement, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War—regardless of whether there’s a connected thing inside this meeting room is yet to be seen, however there are some amazing looking guides and PCs. What you unquestionably get is the AMAX Enigma outline, and afterward some plunder, and a few firecrackers outside. Which is truly magnificent to celebrate.


So before every one of the codes and all, you need to move beyond at any rate two entryways with keycard openings. Like the red keycards you used to get into the typical fortifications, presently there are new keycards which are just to be utilized for bolted stadium keycard entryways. They are:


  • P216: Parking level


  • CL19: Middle concourse level


  • EL21: Top, leader level


In the event that you get one, it’ll show up on the base left of your screen alongside your name. They likewise give off an impression of being arbitrary drops, so you’ll require the karma to be with you as you search this hot zone.

In the event that you lucked out to get inside you’ll have the option to hoover up a few chests complete with top-level plunder, however all you need is Warzone stadium access code, so utilize the headings above to interface the code you get from the PC inside—which, recollect, turns each match—with new code in an alternate keycard space to find out about the riddle arrangement you’re searching for. Look at before for every one of the areas for every keycard room, yet in addition watch the video guide above in case you’re stuck at any stage.


The EL21 keycard opens an entryway on the highest level of the stadium on the southeast side. Stroll around the passageway until you see the entryway in the video above with the keypad introduced—it’s a round one that goes around the stadium, you will discover it soon enough.


In the most minimal level of the stadium, in the vehicle leave, the P216 keycard entryway is in the north-west corner. When you get to the carport, go down the slant.


Search for it in the center level for the CL19 entryway. It’s situated by the edge of the bar in the club relax.



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