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How to Prepare for Google Algorithm Updates

Google makes changes to search at an ever-increasing rate; these changes vary in scope and size and have the potential to signify any help or hurt rankings, depending on how responsive and prepared you are to these changes. If you hire a Denver SEO company they can closely watch the algorithm effects and adjust accordingly. 

These updates aim to help users and improve relevance and quality; this has made google one of the most refined search engines over the years. 

In this article, you will understand how the search landscape changes and how to stay prepared for Google’s algorithm updates in the future.

What is Google Algorithm Update?

Google algorithm update is simply the modification and refining of the google ranking system; which makes it serve more useful and suitable results.

There is little or nothing you can do about these changes and modifications. However, you can take certain steps to stay prepared and keep up with the changes.

Types of Google Algorithm Updates

Generally, there are three types of google algorithm updates, and they vary based on the impact they will have.

  • Minor Updates:

Thousands of this type of update occur every year; they happen daily and are mostly not noticeable.

These minor updates also help improve the relevance of search results.

  • Broad core updates:

About 3-4 times every year, Google makes noticeable and significant changes to its search systems. These changes are what they refer to as “core updates.”

  • Major updates:

Major updates would usually occur once or twice every year. These updates are implemented to deal with a particular issue, such as link spam or duplicate content.

Major and broad core updates can probably impact your rankings, affecting your conversions, traffic, and revenue; therefore, you must be on the lookout for the latest search news to ensure that you are aware of new or upcoming changes.

How Do You Prepare for a Google Algorithm Update?

The Google algorithm seeks to reward the best content. Hence Google advises brands to focus on offering the best content they can to improve user experience and content relevancy.

If you can prioritize relevance, authority, and usability, you have succeeded in establishing a solid foundation for when a new update is rolled out.

Below are some SEO best practices that can help you stay prepared for an algorithm update

  • Have a solid foundation:

Building a solid foundation is the first step in preparing for a Google algorithm update.

Usability is one of the factors that guarantee a solid foundation. Usability means crossing the Ts and dotting the I’s of your SEO, having a secure site that loads fast, and properly functions all-round.

  • Create relevant content:

Focus on creating helpful and relevant content for the end user; this is one way to establish superiority in your niche and future-proof against any algorithm update.

Your content doesn’t have to be unnecessarily lengthy; sometimes, the shorter the content, the better. However, you must avoid ” thin content.” 

In content creation, you should be more concerned with quality over quantity. The goal is to ensure that you provide relevant and correct information.

Your content should be able to give a complete and comprehensive description of the topic.

  • HTTPS Encryption:

Make sure your site is using HTTPS. If your site doesn’t have HTTPS encryption, users who click on your site may be reluctant to continue because your site is unsafe; this can hurt your conversions.

HTTPS encryption helps secure your website. To confirm if your site is using HTTPS, check your URL and look for a lock icon; a lock icon validates that your site is using HTTPS.

  • Demonstrate expertise:

Another key point in preparing for an algorithm update is to affirm your authority on the topic at hand; This gives your audience the confidence that you know what you are talking about.

You can use “topic clusters” to address a topic from different angles.

Using statistics and graphics can further help confirm your knowledge on the topic and make your content more fascinating.

Below is a list of questions, as proposed by Google, that can help you ascertain your expertise on any topic;

  1. Does your content provide original and verified information?
  2. Is your content reliable?
  3. Does your content give information in a way that makes you want to trust it, such as clear sourcing, evidence, and background about the author?
  • Your site should be easy to navigate:

Your site structure must be good enough for your end users. A good user experience can help boost your ranking. Therefore you must ensure that those visiting your site for the first time can effortlessly find what they are looking for through your on-site menus.

Also, your URL structure should be clear and concise; avoid using a collection of random characters. Google recommends keeping it short and simple, as lengthy URLs can intimidate users.

  • Improve your site speed:

For a long time coming, Google has given a preference for sites that are fast and responsive.

Most visitors will leave a site if it takes too long to load, and many will not revisit that site.

Increasing your site speed can help maximize the user experience for your site, which will serve you well with future updates.

  • Conduct check-ups:

 A full technical check-up would usually take a few weeks or months; this depends on your site’s complexity, so most brands only run check-ups after a few years. However, it is necessary to run check-ups on your site often to help you spot issues that may have recently come up.

Generally, this technical check-up helps you ensure that there are no technical issues affecting your site; This will keep your site succeeding even as algorithm updates occur.

Use Preparation as a Cornerstone

It is established that Google will keep rolling out algorithm updates to ensure that end users get the best and most relevant information in their search. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to keep up with the constant updates; instead, be prepared for when they come. Peaks SEO services can boost your rankings from the update. 

Hopefully, you have gained some knowledge on several things you can do to ensure your site is prepared for algorithm updates in the future.


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