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How to Drink More Water Around the Office

Water is essential for life. It’s no secret that we need to drink plenty of water each day to stay healthy, but it can be tough to remember to drink enough when we’re busy. If you work in an office, there are a few tricks you can use to make drinking water easier and more convenient. In this blog post, we will discuss how to drink more water around the office and stay hydrated.

Why is Water Important at Work?

Water is important for your health, both physically and mentally. It helps to keep your body functioning properly by flushing out toxins, regulating body temperature, and helping to digest food. It also helps to keep your energy levels up by providing you with the necessary nutrients, electrolytes, and oxygen. Drinking more water can help to reduce stress and fatigue, improve your mood and mental clarity, and even boost your productivity.

Tips for Drinking More Water

Always Carry a Bottle – Whether you have a meeting or you’re on your lunch break, make sure to take a water bottle with you because this will help ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes, it’s all about getting into positive habits, and this is an easy one to start with. You’ll soon find yourself drinking lots of water simply because it’s always available.

Set Reminders – If you tend to forget to drink water, then set reminders on your phone or in your calendar. This will be a simple visual reminder that you need to drink water, and it’ll help you stay on top of your hydration goals.

Make It Flavorsome – These days, it’s easy to find water flavoring packets that you can add to your water to make it more interesting. If plain water isn’t your thing then try a few of these to make your water more enjoyable. Alternatively, use water-rich fruits like watermelon, cucumbers, and lemons to give your water a natural flavor boost.

Install a Water Bottle Machine – If you’re the boss or can suggest it to your boss, then installing water bottle machines from Gordon Water in the office is an excellent way to increase water consumption. It’s also cost-effective and convenient for employees, who can just fill up their water bottles when they need them without having to leave the office.

Use an App – There’s an app for everything these days, and drinking water is no exception. WaterMinder offers a simple design that allows you to track your water intake throughout the day. You can set goal reminders and track your progress over time. It’s a fantastic way to stay motivated and keep yourself accountable for drinking more water in the office.

Get Into Positive Habits – Often, the biggest problem with drinking water is that it isn’t top of mind. To combat this, try to get into the habit of drinking a few glasses of water before you start work each day. If you need a visual reminder, set up a schedule on your desk or laptop that indicates when and how much water you drink. After a while, all these tips will become habits and you won’t think twice.

With all these tips, you should be able to easily drink more water throughout the day, even when it’s difficult. Remember that your health is important and always take time for yourself. Give yourself a break and have a glass of water on hand, no matter where you are in the office!


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