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How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Set

Picking out your wedding bridal set is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. A bridal set adds the finishing touches to your wedding look, pulling everything together.

But when you pick out your bridal set, you should do so with care. You want to choose a bridal set that will elevate your bridal look rather than overshadow it.

We have put together these top tips to help you find the perfect bridal set for your wedding!

What Is a Bridal Set?

Bridal ring sets are wedding and engagement rings designed to go together. They not only fit—removing any weird gaps between the two bands—they also use the same patterns and designs for a stunning completed look.

When you wear the rings alongside each other, they create an illusion of one large engagement or wedding band—and are sure to make a statement. The bridal sets can also be worn separately for a more casual look.

How Do You Wear a Bridal Set?

Before the wedding, you can wear the engagement ring by itself. After the wedding, you wear both rings on the same finger (your right left-hand finger) with the wedding band closest to your heart. That means that the wedding band is on the bottom, closest to your palm.

The bridal set’s engagement ring is typically more intricate and features a large gemstone or diamond.

Choosing the Perfect Bridal Set

Like any piece of jewelry, the right bridal set style depends on the person wearing it. From modern classic styles to vintage-inspired details, there are plenty of options.

Just like a stand-alone engagement ring, a bridal set is not one size fits all, and you should take the time to understand your future fiance’s sense of style.

Check out these tips for choosing a bridal set:

1.   Decide on Your Preferred Wedding Ring Style

Do you want diamonds or other gemstones like black obsidian? What about gold, platinum, or even rose gold? Determining the style you want may seem overwhelming, but you can decide one step at a time. Start with the style you want.

Do you want it simple or embellished, or do you want to match the metal of your engagement ring? Decide if you want a matching ring, and then shop for bridal ring sets.

2.   Buy All Your Rings at the Same Time

Buying your engagement and wedding bands together can save money and help you make a unified decision. If you want to surprise your partner with the engagement, this option may not work.

However, assessing your desires and wants for your engagement ring at the same time as your wedding ring can help you to make the best complementary choice.

3.   Do Not Delay Your Ring Search

Once you have decided on the type and style of the ring you want to have, the next part is  – you get to try them on! Give you and your significant other at least two months to try on rings before the big day.

This will give you enough time to carry out your research, browse and try rings on. Want a custom ring? Get started at least six months before the wedding’s date.

4.   Consider Mix and Match

Just because your partner has a different style and preferences does not mean you have to forgo your own choices. No rule prevents you from mixing and matching your bridal set colors or even mixing metals on one band! Your wedding bands should reflect you and your partnership.

5.   Work With Your Budget

Couples should discuss their budget and decide whether a bridal set, wedding set or individual engagement ring is the right option. Once you have worked out the details, you are ready to start browsing and pick out a ring your partner will be proud to wear.

6.   Consider Your Lifestyle

A key thing to remember is that you will wear this wedding ring set every day for the rest of your life. That’s why ensuring it will fit in with your day-to-day activities is essential.

For example, if you play an instrument or are involved in many sports, you might find that a ring with rounded edges and a slimmer design is much more comfortable. Or, if you must get your hands dirty with work, opt for a heavy-duty ring that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Bridal Set

Buying an engagement ring, wedding bands, and other marriage essentials can be daunting. If you add in other things, such as planning your wedding and building your life together, it is easy to see how buying bridal sets can be beneficial.

Compared to buying a wedding band and engagement ring separately, there are several key benefits to buying a bridal set.

●    Convenience

Buying a bridal set can keep things simple and convenient. Instead of shopping for two different rings separately, you can save time and make sure everything matches by buying both of your partner’s rings simultaneously.

●    Aesthetic

Bridal sets look fantastic. A typical bridal set includes an engagement ring and a matching wedding band for the bride, creating a unique, complementary set that looks incredible when worn on the same finger.

●    Unique Style Choices

There are countless unique options available. Modern bridal sets are available with a wide range of different precious metals, settings, and designs, letting you choose the perfect set based on your partner’s skin tone, expectations, and tastes.

●    Value

Bridal sets can offer great value for money. Because you are buying two rings at the same time, you can usually save money when buying a bridal set compared to purchasing a wedding band and engagement ring separately.


The most important thing is finding what works best for you while shopping for a bridal set or a matching band for your engagement ring. Take your time and do not rush. Do your research and shop around for the perfect bridal set.

You can go with the classic two-ring stack or have one ring serve as both your engagement ring and wedding band.



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