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How is technology enabling smart farming?


Smart farming uses new techniques such as IoT, locator, and AI on your plantation under IoT solutions. The target is to enhance the quality and quantity of crops while reducing the human labor used for such grounds under IoT solutions.

Smart Farming Technologies


Sensors are appliances on machines like robots, vehicles, and drones to collect data under Smart farming. They assist you in making better decisions, e.g., deciding how much pesticides or fertilizers you need to spray on your crops for optimal health under IoT solutions. For example, field soil sensors can compute the soil properties on your farm, including the PH, moisture, and nutrient levels.


Robots are machines that operate to complete assignments previously done by humans in the area under IoT solutions. For example, after sensors collect and transfer data about the crops to the cloud, robots are automatically triggered to spray or drop water, seeds, or pesticides in Smart farming.

Advanced robots like drones and uncrewed aerial vehicles can complete the same spraying job much faster without taking up space on the ground under IoT solutions.

You can learn more about advanced robotics and AI by taking an artificial intelligence MBA program. In this course, you can enhance your robotic automation knowledge and integrate this technology into your smart farming business.


Trackers are appliances used to track the health and whereabouts of livestock under IoT solutions. For example, you can locate these solar-powered tags on cattle to track their number, well-being, and locations. The traditional, manual monitoring of animals can be frustrating and time-consuming as cattle do not stay at fixed locations under IoT solutions. Farmers must keep an eye on these animals to stop them from wandering off under Smart farming.


Connectivity is a method that links physical things to the Internet, so information is passed under IoT solutions. It’s a must when it comes to sending and receiving data. Without connection, WIFI, GPS, and sensors would not work; without them, farmers would not be able to monitor their crops and animals OK–being or respond to their needs based on the received and analyzed data under IoT solutions.

Big Data

Big data is concluded data meant for better decision-making in Smart farming. Without data analysis, information is numbered, and there would be no insights for farmers to, for example, determine where the cattle might wander off in daylight, adjust their nutrition accordingly, prevent disease or enhance the herd’s health under IoT solutions.


While talking about IoT solutions, akenza.io is the self-service IoT platform providing you to build great IoT products and services with a value under IoT platforms. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices in one place.

Akenza.io gives a cloud-based system that connects everyThing to the cloud.

The Smart farming solution works through a data-driven approach via sensors, turning the data into user-friendly data, allowing the managers to make instant and wiser decisions about their farm trade under IoT solutions. For instance, the IoT solution facilitates the threshold selection under IoT solutions if the farm supervisor wants to assign specific irrigation timings to their field. It automates the entire process of rinsing the lots unless the positions change in Smart farming.

Apart from computerizing the irrigation procedure, the managers can also clearly display the field undertakings on their gadgets to observe in real-time under IoT solutions.

Advantages of implementing the Smart solution in Farms

Remote management

With farms situated in far-off areas and reserved lands, farmers are searching for a better mixture for their management problems in Smart farming. IoT technology offers a Smart farming solution, allowing farmers to control their fields remotely via Smart appliances. Also, farm supervisors need moral clarity in their neighborhoods despite poor health, weather conditions, travel restrictions, or labor scarcity under IoT solutions.

Remote management through Smart technology gives transparency and real-time crop observation, resulting in better yield under IoT solutions.

Real-Time Crop Monitoring

Many places include indigenous farming methods mainly due to a lack of good ideas among the farmers under IoT solutions. Presently, the agricultural conditions have become more critical and involve complex operations related to weather forecasting and soil quality checks under IoT solutions.

Crop Protection

The IoT technology uses a data-driven approach and enables farm managers with modern techniques to keep a detailed check on their crops in Smart farming. It displays all the details of interconnected Smart gadgets.

Soil Testing and its quality

The IoT-based sensors are fixed underground to monitor soil quality and test its potential for different crops. It enhances how the farming sector works, providing the best solutions for error-free results in Smart farming.

Real-time Analysis of soil demand

Accurate soil information is one of the most beneficial resources for farmers to grow quality crops. The IoT provides precision technology for more sustainable and productive farming processes under IoT solutions.

Smart Greenhouses

Smart Greenhouses include IoT techniques and utilize connected appliances to create an automatically controlled environment for crop manufacture under IoT solutions.

The mechanical characteristics of smart greenhouses deliver real-time insights to the farmers and provide optimum efficiency in Smart farming.


IoT technology is supreming the way in the farming sector with its ability to give accurate crop information Smart farming. An average field could generate approximately half a million data points daily under IoT solutions. It is further estimated that nearly 12 million agricultural sensors will be installed globally by 2023. The future of farming with IoT will improve crop yields and increase profitability.



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