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Explore The flower of veneration chapter 1

The chapter 1 of the “The flowers or veneration” is very amazing and it is one of the most important part of the book.The writing way of this book is really liked by the people very much and they really respect it.Today in this article we will completely discuss about the story line of the The flower of veneration chapter 1 including the characters’ ideas and the way story told. This book is really   a masterpiece and by discussing chapter 1 we will be able to guess what  will happen next.The chapter is about the special flower  of the Lily who is the main character and role of the special flowers is quite important in the story.

Main theme of The flower of veneration Chapter 1

In the Chapter 1 which is called the “The Bloom of Love ” we meet a new young mad kid who is filled with the love and the anger she has both quality sometimes the too much love and sometimes the too much anger. What is the reason why she is so angry? This is because of her father , ILLID G.SARIAN. She only had the one parent and she is too much attached with her dad and lovers her very much.This is the start of the tough story journey and ILLID G.SARIAN is not behaves like a normal person.He behaves really opposite and does not care about that what people thinks about him and he is known for creating the troubles.Because of the distant father she got raised in peculiarly and unpredictably way.

He helped her to understand the hard and the tough challenges of the world when she was very young.In The flower of veneration chapter 1 she told that she will accept the all hard and tough challenges as a kid.He helps her very much to understand to make her strong and build the confidence of herself and stand on her own.These are the things which makes him the strong and able to face the challenging times.

The chapter 1 “The Bloom of Love” is all about the strong bond between the young girl and her dad.They loves very much each other and their bond is showed very strong and respectable.When you read the Mega you will realise the how much strong the connection is between the young girl and her dad that motivates to face the challenges of life.

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 Explore Step By Step

First Part of The Flower Of Veneration Chapter 1

The dad of the young girl did not follow any rules and he did not care what the people think about him and did not follow the usual social rules even at home or outside.When she was younger in the first chapter of “The flower of Veneration ” Sophia was very upset by the behaviour of her dad because he does not follow any rules at home or outside. He is always upset and thinks why her dad is doing  things the wrong way.This is like he ignores everything and lives in his own world and is not affected by the opinions of the society and does not care about the judgement of the society.

At the first chapter of the “The flower of veneration” the thinking of the young girl is changed a lot as the time passes .She realise the importance of his personality and the reasons of being different into the society.The brave nature of her dad who did not follow the people way became an inspiration for her. 

With the passage of time he realises the dad’s proud way of life. It shows how strong he is and how much he is true to himself. In the first chapter of the “The flower of veneration” he lives in his own way and his own choices and never changes himself to fit in with what thought was right.By doing this he created a unique way for himself and one that was both impressive and authentic.

The main thing about the chapter 1 is all about what happened to her dad.At the first it does not look like a big problem but as the time passes there was a secret problem which showed further.Her dad got hurt and when she found out ,it made her really sad.

As she watched her dad who was about to die something very disturbing happened and a thing is hiit her in the first chapter of “The flower of Veneration”. The story is about how his passing did not feel right to her and her feelings strongly suggested that this was not a normal death and it looks like bad intentions.

She is not able to ignore her strong feeling that something was not right and that is the reason she started to ask the questions nervously about what happened to her dad. The answer was that they were hiding something very special.They said that they are clear about the tests.

Final Part of The Flower Of Veneration Chapter 1

In the final part of the story the young girl decided to plan the funeral of her dad. During this hard time their family suggested something very awkward to do the funeral at noon and this looks very strange.They took charge of all the responsibilities in order to make the funeral memorable and felt very upset while doing all these things.Each details reminded them about the passing of dad.

Even they were busy into the arrangements they were still stuck at the questions related to the dad’s death and wonder that what was the tribble thing happened to him.While feeling very sad someone named chris from the family gave them some strong advice “Don’t accurately acid things.”.These words through a deep impact and some questions does not have the answeres.It makes them to get a some comfort into the support of friends and family and focus on healing together.


The Flower Of Veneration Chapter 1 is about the love and the strong bonding of a young girl and her father who made her very strong and teaches her how to stand on your own and how to build self confidence and stand out in the competition.He was that type or person who never affected by the people’s opinion firstly her daughter thinks this very bad but with the passage of time she realise that her dad is a very strong personality who did not care about the opinions of society.



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