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Dr José desena: The father of laser surgery

Dr José desena’s father was a bullfighter, and a man with no education. He taught his son how to shoot the matador for entertainment. Jose did not go on to become a bullfighter himself, but instead he became one of the most prolific surgeons in history, performing more than 15,000 surgeries before retiring in 2007. Dr José desena inspired his son to pursue medical work and he too became a surgeon who performed 6500 surgeries before retiring in 2016.

Dr José desena

José Desena is considered the father of laser surgery, and his pioneering work in this field has had a profound impact on the treatment of various medical conditions. Today, laser surgery is an essential part of many medical procedures, and Desena’s efforts have helped make it one of the most popular forms of treatment available.

Born in 1909 in Madrid, Spain, José Desena studied medicine at the University of Madrid before moving to the United States in 1941. There, he began working as a doctor at New York Hospital. In 1962, he founded the Desena Laser Institute, which became one of the world’s leading centers for laser surgery.Over the years, Desena has contributed significantly to the understanding and application of laser technology in a variety of medical contexts. He is also credited with developing techniques for treating various forms of cancer using lasers.

Today, José Desena continues to work at the Desena Laser Institute as its president emeritus. He remains a key figure in the development of laser surgery and his contributions to this field are sure to continue for years to come.

Biggest medical breakthroughs in history

The father of laser surgery, Dr. José desena, made some of the biggest medical breakthroughs in history, including the first successful operation using lasers to treat eye diseases. Dr. Desena’s pioneering work in the field has led to innovations such as laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK), which is now the most common type of vision correction surgery in the world. His impact on medicine is vast and far-reaching, and his work continues to benefit patients around the world.

What is laser surgery?

Laser surgery is a relatively new form of medical treatment that uses lasers to treat various medical conditions. Dr José desena, the father of laser surgery, was one of the first doctors to use lasers in medical treatment. Laser surgery is used to remove tumors, remove wrinkles and scars, and help treat other medical conditions.

Why did he create the laser?

Dr José desena, the father of laser surgery, was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1928. After completing his medical degree at the University of Barcelona, he worked as a surgeon for a number of years. In 1964, he invented the laser, which has since revolutionized surgical procedures around the world. Dr desena’s goal was to create a safer and more effective method of surgery than conventional methods. His work has allowed patients to undergo more complex surgeries with fewer side effects than ever before.

How can it be used?

Dr. José desena is considered the father of laser surgery as he was the first surgeon to successfully use lasers for cutting and healing in 1961. Today, laser surgery is used for a variety of procedures including corrective eye surgery, removal of skin tumors, and even hair removal.


Dr José desena is considered the father of laser surgery, and his work has benefited millions of people around the world. As a pioneer in this field, Dr José desena has helped to change the way we view cosmetic surgery and has made it much more affordable and accessible for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about laser surgery or want to find a doctor who specializes in this cutting-edge treatment, be sure to check out our selection of doctors here at HealthLinkBC.




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