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Cottontailva Reveals Star Rakharr in Twitch Emote After Match vs NRG

Cottontailva of NRG has revealed his new twitch face after a recent match against NRG.


After playing NRG in a best-of-five series on Wednesday, Cottontailva revealed in his Twitch emote that he is playing as Star Rakharr, the notorious Sith warrior from the popular game “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” This was likely a surprise to most people who know little about “The Old Republic,” but it’s an interesting inclusion for Cottontailva, who is known for his creative and eccentric Twitch streaming style.

After NRG’s match against Cottontailva, the star Rakharr emote was revealed to be the character. Rakharr is a sword-wielding ranger from the Diablo franchise and is one of the most popular characters in that series.

Who is cottontailva?

Cottontailva is a Twitch emote creator who is known for his emotes featuring Star Rac harr. His latest emote features the character in a victory pose after his match against NRG on February 24th.

Cottontailva, or Rakharr as he is commonly known, is a Twitch streamer who has been playing video games for over 10 years. He is currently ranked 1st in the world for Fortnite and recently won his first major tournament – the Fortnite World Cup. In celebration of this victory, he created a new Twitch emote which features a star-shaped icon in the center of his character’s head. The emote has quickly become popular with other streamers and players, and many have been sharing their own versions of it on social media.

What has happened so far in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split?

The Cottontailva Twitch emotes are one of the most popular things on Twitch. The emotes feature a character named Star Rakharr and are always popular among viewers.

Recently, Cottontailva revealed that he is the creator of the Star Rakharr emotes on his Twitter account. This was after NRG player Darshan went on a rant about the Cottontailva emotes on Twitter.

Darshan took issue with the way that Cottontailva was portraying Rakharr, who is a character in the game League of Legends. Darshan argued that Cottontailva was using Rakharr to promote his own brand instead of promoting the game itself.

This is not the first time that Cottontailva has come under fire for his Twitch emotes. He was previously criticized for a series of emotes featuring characters from Overwatch. These emotes were also considered to be promotional material for Cottontailva’s channel.

How did Cottontailva look before he got his new face reveal?

Cottontailva was one of the popular Twitch streamers before he got his new face reveal. He used to have a very different look, but now he is much more recognizable with his new look.



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