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Can I Get Foot Care Through the NDIS?

If you are a person with a disability and you are receiving support through the NDIS, then you may be wondering if foot care is covered. The short answer is yes – foot care is one of the many services that can be funded through the NDIS. Before you click away, let’s answer the question in more detail.

What’s the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded scheme that provides financial support and services to people with disabilities. The NDIS can help you achieve your goals, whether they’re big or small. For instance, you might use the NDIS to get a new wheelchair or to pay for someone to help you with your shopping.

NDIS Eligibility

Do you qualify for the NDIS? You might be eligible for the NDIS if you:

  • Have a permanent disability that affects your ability to take part in everyday activities
  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or hold a protected special category visa
  • Are aged under 65 when you first access the NDIS.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for the NDIS, you can use their online tool to check your eligibility.

What Does the NDIS Cover?

The NDIS can help you with the costs of:

  • Therapies
  • Specialist health services
  • Assistive technology
  • Home modifications
  • Vehicle modifications

The NDIS does not cover the costs of general health care or services, like hospital stays, GP visits, or dental care. In terms of your feet, this means that the NDIS will not cover the cost of a routine podiatry appointment. However, if you have a condition that means you need specialised foot care, the NDIS may be able to help.

For example, the NDIS could help you with the cost of:

  • A pair of orthotics (custom-made insoles)
  • Specialised footwear, like shoes with built-up heels
  • Certain podiatry appointments to treat conditions like diabetes-related foot problems

If you need help with the cost of foot care, you will need to talk to your NDIS planner or provider about what funding options are available to you. For example, you might want to tell them about this great podiatrist in Brisbane or an ideal solution to your foot problems. Either way, the NDIS can help you get the care and support you need to live your best life.

Applying for the NDIS

The application process can be a daunting task, but you will find services to help. For starters, the NDIS website has a range of resources that can help you understand the application process and what to expect. You can also contact your local NDIS office or service provider for help with your application.

If you are applying for the NDIS for the first time, you will need to provide proof of your disability. This can be in the form of a medical certificate or diagnosis from a GP, psychiatrist, neurologist or other health professional. You will also need to provide evidence of your current living situation, such as a rental agreement or mortgage statement.

Once you have submitted your application, an NDIS planner will contact you to discuss your needs and develop a plan. This plan may include funding for foot care services, depending on your circumstances.

If you are already receiving NDIS funding, you can discuss your foot care needs with your planner at your next review. Your planner will be able to advise you on whether your current funding is sufficient to cover the cost of foot care services or whether a change is necessary.





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