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Buy Backlinks Safely With This Guide

If you’ve ever tried link building, it’s likely that you’ve been offered the chance to buy backlinks.

 But before you get started, it’s important to know if backlinks are safe, and how they should be done. 

 Should You Buy Backlinks?

 You’re missing out on getting links from a bunch of relevant, high-quality sites if you refuse to pay for backlinks.

  • In some industries, the only way to compete is to buy links.
  • You can be sure that international multi-million-dollar companies in the insurance, casino and financial industries are all buying a huge amount of links.

 That said, it has to be done in a very sophisticated way to try to add value to the internet.

 The Risks of Buying Backlinks

 There are two main reasons not to buy backlinks. 

 The first is that you risk wasting your money. Buying links from directories or forums probably won’t harm your site, but it will have little or no effect on your rankings. This is because Google’s algorithm knows how to ignore this type of link. 

 The second is that you can get a manual action. This is when a reviewer decides that your site or its pages do not meet Google’s guidelines. 

 Manual action may cause your search ranking to drop. You may even find your site completely removed from Google.  However, manual actions these days are extremely rare for link spam. Google is getting better and better at ignoring spammy or low-quality links.

 Use an Agency

Paying an agency is slightly different to the other methods of link buying on this list.

 That’s because you are paying someone to build backlinks for you, not paying for the backlinks themselves. It’s almost a loophole. 

 There is nothing wrong with hiring backlink builders. It’s no different from paying people to write content or design your website. But you have to be careful with the agency you choose. 

 How to tell a good agency from a bad one: 

 We recommend the following:

  •     Discuss with the agency how they build backlinks: find out what strategies they use before committing 
  •     Look at link building case studies: these will show previous sites they’ve worked with and the results they’ve produced. Look for specifics, as anyone can create an anonymous case study.
  •     Check out their site: If the site has lots of great links and lots of traffic, it shows they know what they’re doing.
  •     Read testimonials: A history of satisfied customers is a good sign.
  •     Find out if they use paid links: then you can make an informed decision if this is the one for you. 

 Try to avoid services with the following:

  •     Suspicious pricing: creating links is expensive; Dealer prices must take this into account. Avoid cheap backlinks 
  •     Guaranteed Results: There are no guarantees in link building. If a service promises a certain number of links from specific websites, that indicates it is using a PBN.
  •     Quick Links: We’ve found that building backlinks take weeks to a month to start producing results.

 Perfect Link Building is the Answer

If you need high-quality link building done, you can buy your backlinks from the experts at Perfect Link Building. They are the premier company to buy backlinks USA, and they offer a free consultation for all new clients. Try out today.



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