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Attract More Footfall With EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with motorists thanks to their green features. Those who are on EV-friendly tariffs at home can charge their vehicles for a fraction of the cost of filling up a petrol or diesel tank, and electric vehicles are free from the harmful emissions caused by ICE-vehicles.

The main thing hampering adoption, other than the up-front cost of the vehicle itself, is the range. Even newer low-end electric vehicles have relatively short ranges, and used ones may have batteries offering half the effective range of the same car when new. Until there are more EV charging stations available across the country, many people will be nervous about using such cars for longer journeys.

You Can Help Build The Infrastructure For Electric Vehicles

If you’re a business owner with parking spaces, you can help contribute to the infrastructure in Australia. While the number of EV charging stations <a href=”https://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/about-ev/charger-map/”>across the country is growing</a> the infrastructure is still not quite ready for mainstream adoption.

By adding EV charging stations to your location, you can help electric vehicle owners stay mobile and give them more options when it comes to recharging.

Attract Visitors and Make Money

By fitting charging stations on your property, you’ll show on popular charging station maps, and you’ll attract electric car owners to your mall, cafe or leisure facility. While those customers are waiting for their car to charge they may come into your premises to shop or enjoy a drink. 

Using commercial charging stations, you can charge a fee for the use of the station, giving you an extra opportunity for profit. While the profit potential of the station will depend on the location, how many vehicles visit it and your local electricity prices, it’s likely commercial charging points will offer good profit potential for many years to come.

If you have employees who are considering the switch to EVs, offering the opportunity for them to recharge while at work could be seen by them as a perk of their job, and may increase morale and loyalty, especially given the current trend when it comes to petrol and diesel prices across the country.

Raise Your Green Profile

Another benefit of offering EV charging stations on your premises is that it’s good for PR ad can be used as an example of your company’s green initiatives. You’re supporting the move away from highly polluting ICE vehicles, and encouraging people to adopt greener technology. By investing in modern infrastructure, you’re doing your part to help people around you become more green, and making life easier for those who have already invested in an EV.

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the ethics and awareness of the companies they shop with, and building commercial charging stations is something practical and tangible you can do that will benefit both you and your employees and customers.

If you’re interested in fitting one or more stations on your property, contact <a href=”https://www.getelectric.com.au/commercial/#toggle-id-3″>Get Electric</a> today to discuss your options or get a quote.



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