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A History of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. People drink it morning, noon, and night. But do you know anything about the history of coffee? If you don’t, you are not alone. Not many people are aware of where coffee comes from. Or when people began drinking it. So, let’s begin today with a history of coffee.

A History of Coffee

Coffee and Ethiopia

The history of coffee may have begun many centuries ago in Ethiopia. No one is quite sure the true story. According to a legend from the 9th century, coffee berries were discovered by a local goat herder named Kaldi. His goats started to act energetic after eating the berries.

Kaldi told the abbot at the local monastery about the berries. The abbot made a drink from the berries and found it helped him stay alert. He then shared the drink with the other monks and a story of miracle berries began spreading throughout the country.

Coffee and the Arabian Peninsula

We do know the basic cup of coffee we know today was first made in the Yemen district of the Arabian Peninsula. This has been documented well throughout history. Coffee quickly became a popular drink in this district during the 15th century. Before long, people were drinking coffee in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Persia too.

People would go to public coffee houses in those countries to drink their coffee. There was no best coffee maker for home in anyone’s house.

Surprisingly, coffee was not a beverage in Europe until the 17th century. The British then brought the drink over to the US in the middle of the 17th century. It was not an instant success though. In fact, coffee didn’t begin to become popular amongst Americans until the Boston Tea Party in 1773.

Original Brewing Method Via Coffee Pot

When coffee was first introduced, the Turkish coffee pot was used. This pot was normally made from copper and brass. It also had a long handle on the side.

Coffee beans were crushed until they turned into coffee grounds. The coffee grounds were then mixed with spices, herbs, sugar, and water inside the pot. The mixture was heated up until it was almost boiling.

At that point, the liquid would be cooled. The entire process would then be repeated until a foam was on top. When the coffee was ready, it was poured in a cup to be consumed.

Newer Brewing Methods Via Coffee Pot

No one wanted to go through the entire process of waiting so long for a cup of coffee. Especially once coffee reached Europe. So, new metal coffee pots were invented.

One of the first metal coffee pots was the Elford machine. It was white iron and needed to be turned on a spit to roast the coffee. It still took a lot of work to make a cup of coffee, but it wasn’t as time consuming as the Turkish coffee pot.

The French created a portable coffee pot in 1691. This machine was a grinder, roaster, and coffee pot all in one. Plus, it had a lamp, oil, saucers, and cups.

In England, the Bull’s Roasting Machine was invented in 1704. It was rather large and was only used by businesses.

Larger coffee pots, that could make coffee for more than one person at a time, were not invented until 1780. The Mr. Biggin coffee pot was the first and it was considered impressive.

Modern Brewing Methods Via Coffee Pot

The Du Belloy pot was invented towards the beginning of the 18th century. Hardot invented the percolator in 1806. Siphon coffee pots were released in the 1840s, although they weren’t used in the US until 1910.

Of course, you also have the French Press, which was invented in 1852. The Italian Press, invented in 1928. And the espresso machine, invented in 1884.

The popularity of coffee, as well as the modern brewing methods, became a business opportunity for many.

The Three Advancements for Coffee

The First Advancement for Coffee

The very first advancement for coffee was during the 19th century. People were purchasing coffee all the time. Coffee production had to be increased to keep up with the demand. Folgers, Maxwell House, and Nescafe were the big coffee manufacturers back then.

Their goal was to create coffee grounds that would provide everyone with the caffeine and energy they wanted. The flavor wasn’t a big deal to people back then.

This is also around the time when instant coffee was invented. Much to the delight of people who needed their first cup of coffee quickly in the morning.

The Second Advancement for Coffee

Coffee shops started to pop up around the US in the 1970s. Coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts sold coffee that was caffeinated and tasted good too. People started to purchase prepared coffee from those shops instead of making it at home.

With so many people choosing to drink coffee, sales of alcoholic beverages decreased. It was startling to beer and spirit manufacturers to see their sales decrease due to a caffeinated beverage.

The Third Advancement for Coffee

You could say we are currently in the third advancement for coffee. Long gone are the days of only regular or decaf. Nowadays, you can choose from a whole list of specialty coffees. People are choosing their coffee like they choose their beer or wine.

It could be dependent on their meal, time of day, or what they are currently craving. And yes, everyone still seems to have their personal favorite.

As you can see, the history of coffee has evolved numerous times since those coffee berries were first discovered. While there is some doubt as to whether coffee was actually found first in Ethiopia, no one can deny that coffee has been an important part of history over the years.

So, now that you know everything you should when it comes to a history of coffee, it may be time to go grab a cup or two. You can do this at home with your own fancy coffee machine. Or you can head to your local coffee shop and see which specialty coffee from their list is your all-time favorite.



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