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8 Best Porch Decorating Ideas

Porch decorating on your own is a brilliant way to explore more about yourself. You must be an introvert type of a person if you are looking for such ideas where you can decorate your porch for yourself, by you to enjoy your own company.

Yes, introverts are those personalities that I find very fascinating as well as creative. But they are also the type of people who avoids crowds. And all they need to charge themselves up is perhaps a porch with a soothing environment. 

Not to mention, there would be books nearby along with a cup of coffee too. A poach could be the best place for creative persons like them to think, work, and sometimes slack off. 

Therefore, a porch is kinda a needed place for those who love to stay at their home even on the weekends. And, here is the best part of having a porch. It’s that you can decorate it all by yourself. So, to complete your own poach what you need is:

A Rocking Chair or a Bean Bag

For comfortable seating on your porch, you surely need a comfortable chair. Right? For that, you could have nice Rocking chairs or a nice bench. They are a very simple way to update your porch to make it even more enjoyable.

The benefit of outdoor furniture is that you don’t have to be concerned about it getting wet. On the porch, they’ll last for many years. And, if you are more fond of bean bags, then you can put one or two of them on your porch.

I don’t think it’s that difficult to move them indoors and outdoors if you are worried about them getting rained on.

Plants and More Plants

porch decorating Ideas
porch decorating Ideas

We know that you love plants if you are a decorating person. Even though you might not know how to do the planting, you love them. So, how about having at least two hanging baskets on your porch? It’ll make your porch fresher and more soothing.

You can always add planter boxes on the ledges or plants on the steps if hanging plants don’t work on your porch. Since outdoor rooms are also rooms, they also need plants.

Porch Curtains

Porch curtains might be useful for keeping the rain off your porch and maintaining your privacy. You can simply use the white curtains which later on could be used for painting purposes. Curtains are not that expensive though. 

These sheers let light in white allowing for a sense of seclusions. It creates a private-resort feeling. If you need more shade, you could look for a heavier fabric that will block a little of the light.

Some Art Pieces

Porch decorating is quite similar to boho decorating. So, if there are some art pieces that you love to watch every day, you can add them here. You can hang around some abstract paintings or simply put a photo frame on top of any available shelf or furniture too.

If you are not that much into paintings then you could simply adjust the walls with dreamcatchers or some DIY works of your own.

porch decorating Ideas
porch decorating Ideas


Since the porch is that place where you’d relax and want to spend some time, putting on a bookshelf won’t be a that bad idea. You can even paint your bookshelf a darker color to match some abstract themes for your porch.

And, simply put some of your favorite books in it. So that, you can read them whenever you feel like reading something nice. You can also add some DIY works to your bookshelf along with tiny pieces of plants like cactus.

An Outdoor Rug and Pillows

Add an outdoor rug to your porch. Think about it, you might not even need to buy one. If you already have an old one, then you can just use it. On one end of your porch, you can add some more rugs, and on top of that, pillows that invite you to lay down over there and have a nice nap.

Doesn’t just imagining that moment make you feel like sleeping? 

Ambient Lighting

porch decorating Ideas
porch decorating Ideas

Just like in boho decorations, you can add some ambient lighting to your porch. Warm lighting that felt cozy while giving a good amount of light is what you need for your porch. You can hang string lights and some lanterns to make it more beautiful.

Have Nice Paint on the Door, Floor, and Walls

porch decorating Ideas
porch decorating Ideas

You can also have nice paint on your door, floor and walls. Some light and nude warm colors would be good for the porch. The floor, the brighter the color is good. That simply lifts your mood. 

Using a fun color somehow makes your porch a beautiful mess. It would be great if it’s more welcoming. 

If you are looking for a secret to a warm welcome and a home’s curb appeal then you must try coloring and painting your doors with some warm colors like balancing the pink front door with navy sidings.


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