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6 Reasons Why You Should Study Energy Law

The legal study is a wide spectrum which encompasses several areas that affect our daily life. While most of us are familiar with or heard of criminal and civil laws, legal studies have various other areas under their jurisdiction. Ranging from labour law to energy law, the specialisations are plenty to choose from.

Energy law is a field of study that is gaining attention these days due to its relevance in the current scenario. With the focus on sustainability increasing every day, energy law poses large scope and demand in the job market.

However, energy law is not popular among students like its other counterparts as it is a relatively new area of study. In this article, we will discuss why you should consider studying energy law and its various prospects.

What is energy law?

Energy law is a branch of legal studies that covers the operations, policies, governance, taxation, and commercial aspects of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. This section of the law looks into the production and usage of different sources of energy and formulates policies and regulations for its effective and proper channelling.

Why should you study energy law?

As energy law is a rising field of study, you must know about the benefits of studying it. Studying energy law helps you gain an understanding of the legal framework surrounding this sector and other requirements. Let’s see what are the benefits of studying energy law.

  • Energy law is a relevant area of study to invest your time and money in. As energy is harnessed mostly from natural resources, it is most likely that this field of study will remain relevant and significant for many years to come.
  • Studying energy law and working for the cause of sustainability and environmental protection has become a necessity in today’s globalised world. You can work towards creating policies and regulations that ensure the safe production and usage of energy from the available resources thereby contributing to a better living.
  • As mentioned, energy law is a relatively new field among lawyers. So, studying energy law allows you to bag good opportunities without much competition in the job market.
  • The demand for energy law graduates is high in both public and private sector organisations. As there is a shortage in the number of qualified students, you can easily get a well-paying reputed job if you study energy law.
  • Starting a career in the energy sector means that you will have chances for career growth. As the production, supply, and conservation of energy requirea lot of human work, the number of required employees will go high in the coming years and will present chances for you to grow in your career trajectory.
  • As countries are facing depletion of resources due to large-scale industrialisation, any efforts towards maintaining the energy resources will be largely appreciated. So, being an energy lawyer is an opportunity towards personal growth too.

Various giant corporations in India as well as abroad are hiring graduates in energy law. So, this is your chance to study energy law and grab the opportunities that come your way.


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