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4 Additional Places to Put Your Company Logo to Create Brand Awareness

Some of the obvious places to have your company logo (and name) include your storefront, your company vehicle(s), your products’ packaging, company uniforms, and business cards. These are just the basics because there are so many other places and objects that can bear your company logo and help create brand awareness for your business. Here are four additional places to put your company logo.


#1: Emails and Letters

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses emails to drive traffic to your website. It includes engaging content that inspires your recipients to visit your website. While your company logo may not be the main portion of the email that your recipients are going to pay the most attention to, it’s still necessary to have it as a part of the email. Some companies may place their logo at the top of the email, while others may place it at the bottom.

Although emails are more widely used in today’s digital world, writing (typing) letters is still a thing. Most businesses type their letters on company stationery that already has the company name and logo on it. Like business cards, company stationery is a good investment to make because it makes your business look more professional.


#2: Invoices and Forms

Similar to letters and emails, invoices and other business forms should bear your company name and logo as it also gives a more professional look and feel to your business. You’ll create instant brand recognition with the customers/clients and other businesses you work with. Examples of other forms and documents you may use as a business owner include:

  • Vendor agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Contractor agreements
  • Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements

Your company name and logo should be visible on all of these types of documents, though not overpowering. Ideal positioning is at the top left-hand corner, or on the center of the page (at the top).


#3: Promotional Items

Promotional items are one of the best ways to create brand awareness. Placing your logo on everyday items to sell alongside your merchandise, giving as a gift with purchase (GWP), or giving away at sponsored events is a great way to get people to recognize your company, and it also continues to work as a form of free advertising. For the most effective marketing, choose everyday promotional items or items that people use every day. These items include:

These work best as giveaway items or free GWPs. If you want to sell promotional items alongside your main inventory, then it’s best to choose items that complement your brand. For example, if you’re a fitness company, you can sell promotional water bottles, blender bottles, towels, etc. Your customers will be more willing to pay for items that compliment your main inventory versus something that is clearly a promotional item.


#4: Websites, Blogs, and Social Media

Finally, your company logo needs to be displayed all over the internet. With more than half of the world’s population using the internet, it’s clear that we live in a digital world. This means that you have to have a strong online presence, and this starts by having a business website— even if you operate locally and fully in-person. A business website no matter what type of business you have gives your visitors this information:

  • The name of your business
  • Your address/location
  • Your hours of operation
  • Your phone number, email, and other contact info
  • Your social media handles/links
  • Descriptions of the products you sell or services you provide

A helpful addition to your business website is a business blog. Blogs are a great way to capture the attention and interest of current and potential customers, and it’s a great SEO (search engine optimization) marketing tool. Your blog, website, and social media profiles are all necessary for effective digital marketing, and all of these should bear your company name and logo to help with brand awareness.

It’s important to think outside of the box when it comes to places to put your company name and logo. The reason for having a logo is to create both brand awareness and recognition, so you’ll want to not only have your logo in as many places as possible, but also in places that make sense to your company and can be seen by the biggest audience possible. You’ll want to put it in obvious places, but you’ll also want to think about places that will capture the most attention.


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